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Hire Trainees - Design Institute

Name Qualification Year of Passing College Experience Phone number Email ID
A.Kingsly BE. Mech 2016 Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology 1 Year 8883254009
Adarsh Hegde BE. Mech 2019 Presidency University Fresher  8830638177
Addepalli balaji BE. Mech 2018 DBSIT Fresher  9030358827
Amit Patil BE. Mech 2018 SDM College of Engineering Dharwad  5 Months 8904963925
Amogh Kumar BE. Mech 2017 Sree Narayana Mangalam Institute of Management and Technology 2 Years 7736708226
Chethan N BE. Mech 2019 University BDT college of Engineering Davangere Fresher  8971463296
Gopinath Murthy BE. Mech 2016 Maharaja institute of technology 2 Years 9902038343
Harish HJ BE. Mech 2019 AMC Engineering College Fresher  9480507677
Harshith M BE. Mech 2016 Maharaja Institute Of Technology  Fresher  9886708233
Karthik varma P BE. Mech 2019 Acharya institute of technology  Fresher  9738242832
Kiran BY Diploma 2017 NTTF 1 Year 6361206211
Kiran Suresh Kamat BE. Mech 2019 Atria institute of technology, Bangalore Fresher  8867541369
Madev BE. Mech 2019 Dr ambedkar institute of technology Fresher  8867042143
Madhan R BE. Mech 2019 HKBk college of engineering Fresher  9113276950
Nithin V BE. Mech 2019 Don Bosco Institute of Technology Fresher  8971841297
Nithul M M BE. Mech 2017 SNGCET Fresher  9895488950
Pavan R BE. Mech 2019 NIE Institute of Technology Fresher  9108688737
Pavankumar M S BE. Mech 2016 Govt engineering college ramanagar  2 Years 8861720323
Prashanth Diploma 2017 NTTF 1 Year 6364743173
Prem Teja Reddy BE. Mech 2019 Sambhram institute of technology  Fresher  7353540578
Rakesh C Tiganibidari BE. Mech 2019 Sri Krishna Institute of Technology Fresher  7022532317
Sanjay B Banakar BE. Mech 2018 Sea College of engineering and technology Fresher  8296956463
Shashank Ramesh Shirolkar  BE. Mech 2019 Global Academy of Technology  Fresher  9742283844
Shashi Ranjan BE. Mech 2019 Sambhram institute of technology Fresher  7676451067
Shilpa.G BE. Mech 2019 Sambhram institute of technology Fresher  9740372896
Shivasharanappa BE. Mech 2018 SEA College of Engineering & Technology 2 months 8892305449
Vaishali B M  BE. Mech 2019 Global academy of technology  Fresher  9108180927
S Ramesh Babu BE. Mech 2019 Kalasalingam Academy of Research and
Fresher  7867073968
Haseeb Pasha  BE. Mech 2018 AMC College of Engineering Fresher  9066615381
Karthik T Karkera BE. Mech 2018 Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management Fresher  8105539306
R Vignesh  BE. Mech 2018 C Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology Fresher  8220675814
Raghavendra C S BE. Mech 2019 Sambhram Institute of Technology Fresher  8884854450
Rakesh G BE. Mech 2018 Ballari Institute of Technology & Management Fresher  7618750334
Saiprasad T A BE. Mech 2016 Global Academy of Technology (VTU),BE- India
Deakin University,Masters- Australia
Fresher  9916179988
Sanapala Laxmana Kumar B.Tech 2017 KL University 1 year  9494449195
Sayuj Zacharia Joseph BE. Mech 2017 College of Engineering Perumon 1 year  8089698167
Shah Fahed BE. Mech 2018 Vemana Institute Of Technology Fresher  9008236165
Suhas S BE. Mech 2017 Sapthagiri College of Engineering 7 months 8123786685

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