IMTMA Training Centre

Paint and Coating Technology - What, Why and How?

Focus Areas

  • Paint – Types, Classification, Properties (Thinners, Raw Material Properties & Contribution, 1K & 2K Paints)
  • Primer, Surfacer, Filler (Metallic Base Coats, Clear Coats, Inspecting wet Paint, Mixing, Handling of paints)
  • Paint application method, Importance
  • Pre-treatment before Coating
  • Spray Painting technology (Air Spray, HVLP, Air Less, Air Assisted, Electrostatic)
  • Paint Spray Techniques - Films with discussion
  • Powder Coating Technology, Applications (Quality of Finish, Defects identification, Root Cause Analysis, Remedies)


Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to –

  • Understand Fundamentals of Painting and Coating methods
  • Understand correct process sequence and the SOPs involved
  • Learn how to ascertain quality of painted products
  • Reduce rejection rates and rework in paint shops

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