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With the growth of technological innovations and breakthroughs in the last decade, mechatronics has come to the industrial forefront -- integrating mechanical, electronics and information engineering in the design of products and systems. The technological transformation of the information society is associated with considerable changes in the demands on machine tools, requiring new solutions for the inherent conflict in design between precision and productivity.

This course is structured to understand CNC machine on design, manufacture service; essentially for understanding electronic and mechanical systems; CNC systems and programming of CNC machines; machine tool testing & Axis calibration.


  • Design of CNC machines and assembly techniques
  • Introduction to Mechatronics elements, Servo and PLC
  • Overview of CNC systems, Drives and Motors
  • CNC Programming and Operations
  • Introduction to hydraulics and machine maintenance
  • Machine tool testing & Axis calibration

Key Take Aways

  • Comprehensive knowledge on Mechatronics
  • CNC systems, drives and motors
  • CNC Programming techniques
  • Machine maintenance techniques
  • Machine tool testing methods


  • Specialization in Mechatronics
  • Develops full confidence in Mechatronics design
  • Technical competitiveness for the growth of an industry

Participant Profile

Practicing Engineers and managers from design, maintenance, assembly from all machine tool industry and as well user industry of all segment.


Mr. Anil Purohit, an industry expert in the field of Industrial Automation Products and Technologies (PLCs / Servos / VFD / Electrical / Oil Hydraulics / Pneumatics, etc.) Automation Solutions, Test Rigs, Machine Building, etc

Mrs. H N Uma, Well experienced electronic design engineer for CNC machines. 

Mr. M A Khallaq, He is a machine tool design expert and worked in HMT for over 2 decades and currently he is the CEO of Excel CNC machine tools.

Mr. Balaramaiah, Director of AMTTF, with 35 years of experience mainly involved and associated in Testing, Inspection and Performance Evaluation of Machine Tools. 

Mr. H V Rajashekara, Senior Director - Design institute, IMTMA

Design of Fixture

The course is structured with an introduction to Fixture Design basics to the final design. Design of fixture is key to effective utilization of machine tools. Basics of fixture design if not implemented correctly results in poor productivity & quality problems. Set-up time and cycle time reduction, increased accuracy on components, deskilling the job setting operation are the obvious advantages of a good fixture. Competence in right fixture differentiates excellent organizations.


  • Introduction to Jigs and fixture
  • Basic elements of the fixture
  • Study of component drawing for accuracy, cycle time, location, clamping and manufacturing process
  • Design exercise for simple fixtures - Mechanical and Hydraulics
  • Project on fixture design for auto component
  • Introduction and conceptualisation to BIW, Assembly, Welding, and Inspection fixtures

Key Take Aways

  • Comprehensive design knowledge fixture design
  • Knowledge in systematic approach to fixture design
  • Conceptualisation towards BIW, Assembly, Welding, and Inspection fixtures

Participant Profile

  • This programme will benefit practicing Engineers and managers from the industry of all segment. Diploma and graduate engineers with  > 2-year experience.


Mr. S K Gupta, Former Asst. General Manager, Tata Motors Machine tools division, Pune. 

Mr. Avinash Khare, Consultant & Head of Technology Centre on Metal-forming IMTMA Pune. He is a former Asst. General Manager at Tata Motors and has experience in various functions involving Technology Development and Maintenance.  

Mr. Deepak Kumar Ravilla, Senior Manager Design -Design, Fixture Business, Kennametal India Limited.

Hydraulic System Design for Machineries

The course covers everything from the basics of Hydraulics to final design of the power pack. Hydraulics system if not implemented correctly results in poor machine performance & quality problems during running.

Conceptualization w.r.t the actual requirement in terms of force, speed and safety is very essential during design. Selection of hydraulic elements, sizing of elements, calculations for optimization, the design of the entire system is very vital in any mechanical industry. Assembly of hydraulic elements, hydraulic plumbing, machine interface, and troubleshooting is a key requirement.

During the course, a complete hydraulic power pack design will be carried out from concept to final design.


  • Basics of Hydraulics
  • Brief on Fluids, Pumps, Direction, Flow, Pressure Control Valves, and Symbols
  • Introduction Hydraulic Actuators, Reservoirs, Hoses, Pipings, Fittings, Modular Valves, Manifolds, Electrical Devices, Proportional Valve, and Servo
  • Study of customer input for hydraulic power pack design
  • Design exercise for hydraulic power pack - case study
  • Design Input-> Design Calculations-> Selection Of Hydraulic Elements-> Circuit Diagram-> BOM-> Detail Design in 2D Or 3D On CAD
  • Assembly, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

Key Take Aways

  • Comprehensive design knowledge on the hydraulic power pack
  • Hands-on assembly, testing, troubleshooting
  • Knowledge in a systematic approach to Hydraulic design


  • Thorough knowledge of Hydraulic design fundamentals
  • Develops full confidence in Hydraulic design

Participant Profile

This programme will benefit practicing Engineers and managers from industry 


Mr. N Swaminathan, an Industry expert with over 35 years of rich experience in the field of Oil Hydraulic/Lubrication/Fluid Handling technology.

Mr. Balashankar, an Industry expert with more than 30 years experience

Mr. Rakesh Kumar, HEAD - Marketing and Business Development, YUKEN INDIA LIMITED

Design of Spindle - Specialization

The Machine tool spindle is the most sophisticated member in machine tool and plays a vital role for better performance, higher efficiency and accuracy. Design of spindle is a very important and critical activity of machine tool design process.  It is very essential to analyze and optimize the design for low cost and better performance. Sizing of the spindle for machine capability in terms of dimension, power, speed, force, and accuracy are the key challenges for machine designers.


  • Types and application Spindles
  • Bearing selection and arrangements
  • Bearing life calculations
  • Spindle materials and heat treatment
  • Design concepts & Calculations of power speed and torque
  • Design of 3D & 2D critical drawings
  • Longhand calculations for computing spindle rigidity
  • Design of Machine tool spindle as a project
  • Design work holding/tool holding system

Key Take Aways

  • Specialized knowledge on spindles design for metal cutting machines
  • Bearing selection & preloading for spindles
  • Design calculations 
  • Calculation of spindle stiffness 

Participant Profile

Practicing Engineers and managers from industry


Mr. H V Rajashekara, Senior Director - Design Institute, IMTMA, and has >30 years experience on Machine Tool design

Mr. SK Gupta, Retired Assistant General Manager, Designs from TAAL

Mr. M Khallaq, Industry expert

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