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IMTMA organizes more than 120 Technical Training Programs on wide ranging topics in the areas of Design, Productivity, Metal Forming, Maintenance, Quality, Automation, Technology, etc. for the benefit of the Metal Working industry.  The training programs are of short duration ranging from one to 5 days and are organised through out the year at Bengaluru, Pune and Gurgaon as per the training calendar.

Each program is conducted by well experienced faculty from industries with more than 30 years of hands-on / project experience and the class room sessions are supplemented with practical sessions / demo / hands-on practice / group exercises/ industry visits in order to re-in force the learning.  Relevant Industry case studies and examples are discussed such that the key learnings can be implemented in industries leading to productivity / quality improvement. Also, the participants can discuss specific queries with the expert faculty and solicit feedback.


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1 Hands-on training in Programming & Operation of CNC Machining Centres Read More
2 Hands-on training in Programming & Operation of CNC Turning Centres Read More
3 Advanced CNC Programming for Machining Centres Read More
4 Selection of Tools and cutting parameters for CNC Machining Read More
5 Reducing Cycle Time & Cost on CNC Machining Centres Read More
6 Challenges & soultions in Thread cutting Read More
7 Measuring Productivity through OEE Read More
8 Basics of Gear Manufacturing Processes Read More

Product Design

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1 Design of Workholding & Fixturing Read More
2 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) in Design through Manufacturing Read More
3 ASME Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) in Design through Manufacturing- ( for GDTP Technologist Level) Read More
4 ASME Advanced Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing in Design thru Manufacturing (for GDTP Senior Level) Read More
5 Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis Read More
6 Design For Manufacturing & Assembly Read More
7 Design and Processing of plastic parts Read More
8 FEA / FEM Read More
9 Advanced concepts of GD&T Read More
10 Practical approach to Gears and Gear Design - Spur and Helical Gears Read More
11 Reliability Engineering - Concept, Calculations, Techniques and Tools Read More


S.No Topic  
1 Heat Treatment Process in Metalworking Read More
2 Applications of Laser in Metal working Read More
3 Energy Conservation / Energy Saving in Manufacturing Read More
4 Towards Zero Defects in Welding Applications Read More
5 Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Technologies Read More
6 Induction Hardening and Other Surface Heat Treatment Processes – Induction Hardening Read More
7 Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists Read More


S.No Topic  
1 Maintenance of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Read More
2 Calibration of CNC Machines Read More
3 Spindle Maintenance for Metal Cutting & Industrial Machinery Read More
4 Proactive Maintenance & Trouble Shooting of Presses to Increase Efficiency & Reduce Failures Read More
5 Selection, Assembly & Trouble shooting of Linear Motion Guideways & Ball Screws for Industrial Machinery Read More
6 Effective Maintenance towards Zero down time - Mechanical Aspects of CNC Machines Read More
7 Effective Maintenance towards Zero down time - Electrical & Electronic Aspects of CNC Machines Read More
8 Noise and Vibration control of Industrial Machines Read More
9 Maintenance and trouble shooting of Presses Read More


S.No Topic  
1 Implementing Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Read More
2 Statistical Process Control (SPC) & Basic 7 QC Tools Read More
3 Process Capability - The Quality Route to Sustained Growth in Manufacturing (Cp, Cpk) Read More
4 Improving Process capability (Cp, Cpk) Read More
5 Hands-on training in Operation of CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) Read More
6 Calibration of Dimensional Measuring Instruments & Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties Read More
7 Surface Finish - Measurement and Improvement Read More
8 How to Improve the Accuracy of Machines Tools Read More
9 Cleaning of machined components Read More
10 Gear Metrology & Measurement Methods Read More
11 Burr management in machining Read More
12 Fundamentals of Product Quality Planning (APQP) & Implementation of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Read More
13 How to reduce Cost of Quality (COQ) and COPQ Read More
14 Defect Analysis in painting and powder coating applications Read More
15 CE Marking - Compliance requirements for export markets Read More


S.No Topic  
1 Manufacturing Automation using Robots Read More
2 PLC Programming Read More
3 Implementing Automation Projects in Manufacturing Read More
4 Robot Programming Read More
5 Role of PLC, Servo & VFD in Industrial Automation Read More

Metal forming

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1 Primer Course on Sheet Metal Forming Technology Read More
2 Advanced Course on Sheet Metal Forming Read More
3 Cold Forging / Cold Extrusion Technology Read More
4 Assembly, Welding & Inspection Fixtures - Design and Manufacturing Read More
5 Sheet Metal Dies - Tryout & Proving Read More
6 IDR approach - Trouble Shooting Component Defects in a Press Shop Read More

Specialized Programs

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1 Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and accessories Read More
2 Structured Innovation - TRIZ methodology Read More
3 Advanced Purchase and Procurement Practices to Enhance Competitiveness Read More
4 Selection and Sizing of Electric Motors Read More
5 Forging Technology-Processes, DFM, Quality and Cost Considerations Read More
6 Metal casting Technology-Processes, DFM, Quality and Cost Considerations Read More

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