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The course is structured from Design fundamentals to final machine tool design. A real-time project will be carried out from concept to final design. Design Concept, 3D Part Modeling, Assembly Modules, CAD Tool, and Manufacturing Drawings Accuracy, Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly will be addressed during the course. It will be highly interactive and hands-on training sessions.


  • Training on CAD SOLIDWORKS
  • Hands-on training Manufacturing drawings and practice
  • Tolerance and GD&T – what why and how
  • Engineering basics SOM and EM – Refreshing from a designer point
  • Kinematics of Machines – A refreshing from a designer point
  • Introduction to CNC machines GPM and SPM
  • Cutting tools and selection
  • Engineering materials – Insight and selection
  • Design of metal cutting Special Purpose Machine – Project
  • Overall design concept, Machine specification
  • Design of Spindle for milling
  • Design of Linear servo slide & Hydraulic Slides
  • Selection of Ball screw and LM Guides
  • Selection Anti-friction bearings
  • Selection of motors
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Design evaluation for bearing life, spindle stiffness, critical speed and inertia
  • Introduction to Electronics and Electrical for Mechanical
  • Design of machine structure
  • Overview on coolant system and lubrication system
  • Hands-on Experience on FEA Tool
  • Industry Visits

Key Take Aways

  • Confidence in Machine Design
  • Confidence in Manufacturing drawings par industry
  • Intensive know how on the design of machine elements
  • Design thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strong in engineering basics
  • Hands-on experience in Machine Tool design – GPM / SPM
  • Knowledge in systematic design approach
  • Technical competency for the manufacturing industry
  • A Certificate of participation based on the performance
  • Placement support across manufacturing industries


  • Industry readiness
  • Better employability quotient
  • Higher confidence in machine design task
  • Higher probability to link in manufacturing companies

Participant Profile

  • This programme will benefit graduate and postgraduate engineers, Diploma holders with a mechanical background and industry fresh hires.


This programme will be conducted by Mr. H V Rajashekara, Advisor - Design Institute, IMTMA. He has over 35 years’ experience on Machine design and development from HMT Bangalore and Johnson Electric Group, Hongkong. In addition, he has 7+ years’ experience from Training domain at IMTMA.


  • Advanced CAD Laboratory & Digital Classroom
  • Hands-on experience for solid modeling, FEA
  • Mechanical laboratory for the demo of in-use machine systems
  • Complete Design Project as an exercise
  • Hydraulic And Pneumatic Teaching Modules
  • Real-time CNC Machine tools for demo
  • Functional CNC Lathe and Machining Centres for demonstration
January, 2022

Press Tools- Basics, Types, Design Considerations, Manufacturing and Troubleshooting

17 to 21 January 2022,
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January, 2022

8D Problem Solving Methodology

18 to 19 January 2022,
Critical, complex problems arising every day from cross-functional disciplines in the work environment can wreak havoc and affect your bottom-line big time if the root cause is not identified quickly and correctly. The problems usually persist and recur periodically failing any preventive actions or due to limitations in problem solving approach of the untrained individual. We often see departments passing the buck across the hallway to get the monkey off their back. TOPS-8D (Team Oriented Problem Solving methodology ) is a highly structured, problem solving tool perpetuated by FORD and is used by effective managers across the world in problems pertaining to Product/Process Quality as well
January, 2022

Heat Treatment - Metallurgy and Processes

18 to 19 January 2022,
There is always a demand by the customers to get superior product for less cost. Engineers and scientists in organisations constantly work in their R&D laboratories to achieve this objective. About 70-80 percent of the components of industrial products, be it automotive or Engineering are manufactured out of various types of steel due to its favourable cost to strength ratio. Steel properties can be changed to meet the design requirement by suitable heat treatment processes. Therefore in-depth knowledge of different Industrial heat treating processes is essential to find solutions to the problems quickly and effectively. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organising an online training on “Hea
January, 2022

Improving Energy Efficiency at Plant Level

20 to 21 January 2022,
In every industrial activity energy is used in various forms and is an issue of great importance to the industry as well as the nation. Energy is an issue that is directly connected to economic health, climate change and energy security of the nation. Hence the demand for sustainability is of growing importance by the day. Commonly used form of energy in most of the  industries are Electricity, compressed air, water, oils of various types, steam, etc. Where energy is consumed, wastages also go hand-in-hand. One is the wastage by way of leakages unaccounted wastes and the other one is inefficient use of energy by the equipment. In many of the activities the cost of energy forms a consid
January, 2022

Hands-on training in Programming & Operation of CNC Machining Centres

24 to 29 January 2022,
CNC machines have become the order of the day in every manufacturing industry. These applications are wide spread in mass production units, batch production as well as in tool room industries. Thorough understanding of Programming and Operation of the CNC machines is a must in order to realize the maximum output. This programme will address the programming and operation of CNC Machining centres in detail including finer aspects like control of dimensions, surface finish and optimization of machining parameters. The procedure for safe running of the machine would be dealt along with autonomous maintenance practices. The participants will be trained hands-on in production CNC machines with rea
January, 2022

Antifriction bearings - Types, Applications, Selection, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting aspects

27 to 28 January 2022,
Antifriction bearings are precision mechanical elements in any machines and equipment for reliable functioning of rotary motions. It defines the speed, magnitude and direction of the loads, deflections and minimal vibration of the shaft with pre estimated life. Lack of bearing awareness can lead to premature bearing failures, unexpected machine breakdowns and loss of production. The basic knowledge about bearings can avoid these losses and bring in huge savings & benefits to the organisations. Roles of antifriction ball or roller bearings in machine tool spindles are highly responsible in overall performance as the machine as they reproductive in nature. The type, accuracy and size are the k
January, 2022

Interviewing Skills -The key to build brand and hire the right talent

28 January 2022,
India still remains as one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has to prepare itself to leverage the positive image as a reliable sustainable investment location for the businesses across the world. Every enterprise’s objective is profit and the primary tool for profit manufacturing are the 5 Ms viz., men, machine, materials, methods and money.The secret of successful companies is their ability to SCALE UP.  To SCALE UP is to have an army of competent and inspirational leaders. The first step in the journey towards an highly successful company is to identify, acquire and nurture talent. Hence Talent Acquisition and Talent Management becomes the key differentiator
February, 2022

Powder Coating Technology - Process, Applications, Defects Analysis and Prevention

1 to 2 February 2022,
In today’s manufacturing scenario, where shortage of raw material, power & increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day, ‘Powder coating application’ is possibly the most troubled issue. Lack of knowledge in powder coating technology leads to high rework and rejection rates. The future of Indian Industry (The post COVID-19 Opportunities), the demand for INDIAN products is expected to grow exponentially and to grab this global opportunity, educating and upgrading the existing workforce is going to be the need of an Hour. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on Powder Coating Technology - Process, Applications, Defects Analysis an
February, 2022

Industrial Sensors-- Types, Selection, Applications for process Control

3 to 4 February 2022,
Increasing demands for higher production quality, improved manufacturing efficiency, and more stringent environmental standards have led to the development of new and complex types of industrial Automation. Hence the greater need for industrial sensors. These sensor systems are finding widespread application in diverse fields as machine tools, product inspection, automotive parts and advanced composite aircraft. The sensors typically employ optical, ultrasonic, or microwave techniques to perform measuring functions.     This course provides an overall exposure to the technology of Industrial Sensors and Controls as widely seen in factories of all types both for discrete and
February, 2022

Business Planning and Budgeting for sustained profitability

4 February 2022,
Business planning and budgeting are critical to the success & sustainability of a business. Business exists for profits – if not for any other purpose. And business pundits have often remarked that “Nobody plans to fail, they fail to plan”. Hence a business must be planned and it is critical to ensure that the actual outcomes confirm to plans, be it either in the short term or in the long term. Every business owner needs to understand how to make a business plan and plan a budget to ensure they run a Sustainable & Profitable Business. In the current Covid situation, where markets are under stress, it is all the more important to have a clear system of tracking the business and take a
February, 2022

Hands on Training on “Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Machine” Sponsored program for Women Engineers

7 February to 31 March 2022,
Design engineering is one of the key functions in any manufacturing industry. The physical entity as a solution for any problem would lead to product development. Visualizing the product shape and size w.r.t to the need, configuring kinematics, system motions, selection of critical elements, material, ensuring high reliability, ease of manufacturing, and assembly at low cost, are the key challenges for machine designers. To be a successful designer, one needs to have a complete knowledge of manufacturing activities from design to dispatch.  There is a huge dearth of skilled women workforce in any manufacturing industry for various reasons. Encouraging and enabling skilled women for the
February, 2022

Design, Integration, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Systems

7 to 11 February 2022,
In depth understanding about Hydraulics & Pneumatics systems is mandatory for assembly and maintenance engineers. This will help minimize/eliminate the down time of a machine or an equipment related to Hydraulic and Pneumatic system to ensure the smooth functioning and uninterrupted production. This programme will focus in depth understanding of Elements of Hydraulics circuits, Preventive Maintenance Procedures and Safe Trouble Shooting Practices. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing an online 5 day programme on Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems.
February, 2022

How to reduce Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

8 to 9 February 2022,
Cost of Poor Quality can make an organization lose 25% to 35% of sales amount due to variety of reasons like warranty, compliant servicing, scraps, redesign, resources and capacity loss due to rework and reprocessing, free replacement delivery, loss of management time, loss of orders, loss of interest in delayed payments and loss of customers. Cost is inversely proportional to Poor Quality. A quality complaint can lead to multiple ripple effects that can impact 10 X or more than just the replacement cost due to above reasons. Hence, it is the responsibility for all professionals in every organization to identify, measure, analyse, reduce and prevent poor quality from being generated in every
February, 2022

Design of Experiments (DOE) for Problem Solving

10 to 11 February 2022,
Design of Experiments (DOE) is a mathematical approach to find the importance of the input (x) factor on some output (y) factor and Optimize the setting of x factors. Typically involved in the Lean, TQM and at the Improve stage in Six Sigma approach.DOE is useful in Design, Sales, Production, Logistics, Human Resource and Finance departments. It will identify the most important input factor for Sales volume, Production, Recruitment, Budgeting, Revenues etc. Thus to decide the focus for the relevant input factor like advertisement, Training, Technical parameters in the machine etc. This workshop is designed in such a way that a person without having any statistical or core mathematical backgr
February, 2022

Cost and Cycle time reduction in CNC Machining applications

10 to 11 February 2022,
Effective utilization of Machines for reduction in cycle time, competitive production costs, improved quality, performance and longevity of machines, is an important role in enhancing productivity especially in large volume production. In the highly competitive market scenario, customers determine the price of a product and entrepreneurs need to continuously fine tune the costs to realize profits. Machine utilization has a major impact in reducing the manufacturing cost of components. For increasing machine on time and improving productivity requires adopting best machining practices. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising an online traini
February, 2022


14 February to 28 March 2022,
The biggest challenge the Education System faces today is Employability after engineering courses. Even though India has become a choice destination for all Global Players for their various manufacturing activities, fresh Mechanical engineers from colleges lack the practical skills and confidence to meet the prevailing Manufacturing Environment.
February, 2022

Die Design for PDC parts- Design Considerations, Process, Manufacturing and Troubleshooting

14 to 18 February 2022,
Die-casting is a metal casting process, wherein the molten metal is injected at very high pressure to produce parts with good dimensional accuracy. To cast the parts at high pressure, a die casting machine is used. This application finds uses is many areas such as Automobile, Aviation, Telecommunication, hydraulics & pneumatics parts, electrical and so on. A few examples to mention are Two-wheeler engine crank cases, cover kick starters, cylinder head, cylinder barrel, four-wheeler Alloy wheels, 2 wheeler front and rear wheel hub, 2-wheeler carburettor, earth moving equipment hydraulic valves, 4 wheeler air brake parts, to name a few. The die-cast die & mould design is an iterative process
February, 2022

Plant Maintenance – Electrical Aspects

15 to 16 February 2022,
Business and industry runs on electricity, which is either generated or provided by a power generation plant. Any unscheduled failure of electrical setup of an industry would result in large scale production losses on one hand and would increase the cost of maintenance on the other hand.   Therefore, it is imperative for every Industry to keep the breakdown of machinery due to electrical failure to the minimum possible extent. Plant maintenance personnel, well equipped with of the entire electrical system of the industry can ensure better uptime of the industry and improve OEE. Keeping this in mind, IMTMA has planned this webinar to bring out maintenance aspects of electrical componen
February, 2022

Value Engineering & Value Analysis (VA/VE)

16 to 18 February 2022,
Value Engineering is a proven Technique for cost reduction of products.  This is very essential for the company to remain competitive. Systematic analysis of the functions and its Value to remove redundant functions and features are addressed in Value Engineering. Value engineering (VE) and Value analysis (VA), with core methodology being same for both, differs only in the point of application phases of product life cycle. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is conducting a detailed training program on Value engineering to enhance competitiveness of Industry.
February, 2022

Testing, Calibration and Accuracy Measurement of CNC Machine Tools

17 to 18 February 2022,
CNC Machines are deployed in diverse range of manufacturing industries. Users need to test Machine tools at the time of purchase and also periodically during its use and operation. Evaluation needs to be done in accordance with relevant parts of National / International standards & procedures which can be broadly categorized into three areas, mainly Geometrical alignment test, Functional & Machine accuracy capabilities. Conventional testing methods of machine tools are limited essentially to static measurements of geometrical alignments, and few functional tests under 'no load' conditions to qualify the machine performance and also for machine acceptance.   However, the performance of a M
February, 2022

Virtual Classroom Training on ASME Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in Design thru Manufacturing, 2.25 CEUs, 22.5 PDHs ( including preparatory for GDTP-Technologist Level Examination )

21 to 25 February 2022,
ASME Y14.5 (Standard for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) has been revised from time to time in line with the advances, requirements of the industry and to enhance its effectiveness. The past 2 revisions of ASME Y14.5 standards - one in 2009 and the other in 2018 are considerable enhancements over the earlier version (Y14.5M-1994), which further empower the designers in defining the intended function of the part.
February, 2022

Cold Forging Technology - Process, DFM and Quality Considerations

22 to 23 February 2022,
In today’s manufacturing scenario, where shortage of raw materials, power & increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day, ‘Cold Forging’ is possibly the most suitable solution for these pressing issues. Cold forging technology utilizes innovative design coupled with process sequencing to not only reduce costs by utilizing lesser raw material but also imparts greater strength to the component, in addition to increased productivity. The primary advantage is the material savings achieved through precision shapes that require little finishing. Completely contained impressions and extrusion-type metal flow yield draftless, close-tolerance components. Producti
February, 2022

Surface Plating and Protection Technology

24 to 25 February 2022,
In today’s manufacturing scenario, shortage of raw material & power, meeting quality with consistency in quality norms and increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day. Besides these business challenges, surface finish, an important manufacturing process contributes significantly to the costs. During finishing of parts, Surface plating techniques such as ‘Electroplating, application’ is possibly the most troubled issue. Lack of knowledge in Surface plating and protection technology leads to high rework and rejection rates in-house & as well as from outside vendors. Hence it is important to follow the right techniques to achieve surface finish of acceptable quality. Fut
March, 2022

Advanced Concepts of GD&T

2 to 4 March 2022,
In today’s scenario, Design, Manufacturing and Inspection personnel working on engineering parts and assemblies are required to be familiar with the basics of GD&T. In addition, there is a need for engineers to have knowledge of advanced concepts provided in ASME standards which results in realizing the benefits of GD&T - interchangeability, reduction of manufacturing and Inspection costs, elimination of rework etc. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on 'Advanced GD&T'
March, 2022

EMI/EMC - Global Compliances for Electrical Machinery

3 March 2022,
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the ability of any Electrical & electronic equipment to function as per their intended use by limiting the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy. In layman terms, it is the ability to operate electrical equipment in close proximity with other equipment / machinery without causing any undue electromagnetic interference including physical damage. Electronics today has become an Integral part of any industrial machinery. Use of PLC's, HMI interfaces, remote operation, etc, are becoming commonplace in the industries, automotive, railway, consumer goods, right upto medical and laboratory equipment. Electromagnetic
March, 2022

Lean Daily Management System

4 March 2022,
In today’s competitive Business Scenario, organizations that excel in their performance consistently survive. In order to have a sustainable business organization, one needs to develop systems that align with the goals of the organization to all functions. And all the functions should perform as per standard on a daily basis consistently. To perform daily, we need a structured approach that needs to be practiced everyday.Lean daily management system is a systematic approach to plan, perform, track and solve problems on a daily basis. The system also ensures predicting problems so that they are appropriately solved at the right time to ensure effective performance.Keeping this in view,
March, 2022

Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) – Plastics, Sheetmetal, Castings, Forgings and Machined parts

7 to 11 March 2022,
With ever shrinking time available for developing new products and bringing them to global markets, manufacturing enterprises have been forced to continuously adopt new methods to survive. One approach is to use Design for Manufacturing/Assembly (DFM/DFA) methods where products are systematically designed and evaluated to minimize set-ups during production operations, component counts and overall product complexity. DFMA will help designers to build quality into robust design at least cost. In addition to achieving quicker product development and reducing cost of product development, DFMA also ensures that the transition from the design phase to the production phase is as smooth and rapid as
March, 2022

Selection of Cutting Tools for Improving Productivity and Cost Reduction in CNC Machining Centres

8 to 9 March 2022,
Milling and hole making operations are an integral part of all metal cutting operations. While using a precision machine tool such as a CNC Machining centre for complex milling and hole making operations, selection of the right cutting tools for the operations is equally critical to producing quality machined parts. Selection of the right cutting tools can result in optimization of cycle time, reduce risks of errors in machining, manage tool costs better and result in the production of a high quality part. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organising an online training on Selection of Cutting Tools For Improving Productivity And Cost Reduction In CNC Machining.
March, 2022

How to become an effective FMEA Practitioner as per combined AIAG & VDA Version

8 to 9 March 2022,
We often read about numerous high-profile examples of product recalls. Such recalls happen due to poorly designed products and / processes. These failures are discussed with manufacturers, service providers and suppliers and are being depicted as incapable of providing a safe product. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or FMEA, is a methodology aimed at allowing organizations to anticipate failure during the design / manufacturing stage by identifying all of the possible failures in a design or manufacturing process. FMEA is not a substitute for good engineering. Rather, it enhances good engineering by applying the knowledge and experience of a Cross Functional Team (CFT) to review the desi
March, 2022

Electrical Engineering Concepts for Non-Electrical Engineers

10 to 11 March 2022,
Electricity is an energy that is a vital part of any industrial setup. From an office to a boiler or any machinery, everything runs on electricity. Hence the knowledge of electrical engineering becomes imperative for successful utilization of electrical energy and operation of electrical equipment. As a non-electrical engineer, you may want to broaden your perspective on different areas of electrical engineering, ensure that the gaps in your understanding of electrical aspects are filled, and thereby work seamlessly with electrical technicians/support personnel. Keeping this in mind, IMTMA has planned this program is aimed at covering Electrical engineering fundamentals for non-electrical
March, 2022

LM Guideways and Ballscrews - Types, Applications, Selection, Assembly and Trouble shooting

15 to 16 March 2022,
The LM guides & Ball screws is one of the most commonly used machine element which provides highly reliability, high speeds, higher precision, very low friction, easy replaceability and easy maintenance. These are used in building equipment in all fields of engineering and machine tools. Hence, there is a need for knowhow in types of LM guides and ball screws, selection, design and its assembly.
March, 2022

Advanced Concepts in Injection mould design

21 to 23 March 2022,
Injection Mould making has evolved over the years and is a competitive business today. Tool rooms often find that there are profitability concerns, whilst not being able to meet delivery requirements sometimes. Add to this, there are issues of rework on the mould, if the mould does not deliver the expected outcome in the first trial. The list of such challenges in mould manufacturing seems endless and only the most efficient mould manufacturers survive well. Such a competitive scenario often leads to reduced and tighter product life cycle timelines. Newer and efficient mould design practices become very essential for survival in the business. The mould design being a crucial phase, can dire
March, 2022

Advancements in Heat Treatment Processes

22 to 23 March 2022,
The demand for a superior product at a lower cost is an ever growing demand. Engineers and scientists in organizations constantly researching to achieve this objective. About 70-80 percent of the components of industrial products, whether they are automotive or non-Automotive products are manufactured out of various types of steel due to its favourable cost to strength ratio. Steel properties can be changed to meet the manufacturing process standard to meet the design requirement by suitable heat treatment processes. Therefore in-depth knowledge of different Industrial heat treating processes is essential to find solutions to the problems quickly and effectively. Keeping this in view, India
March, 2022

Implementing Industry 4.0 in the Indian Context

24 March 2022,
Industry 4.0 or "Smart Manufacturing" is fast becoming an inevitable evolutionary step for "future compatibility" for any Manufacturing Facility in India and Abroad.Most of Indian Industry is presently struggling to figure out how to get started into this "Digitalization" drive economically, and how to retrofit it into existing machines.To illustrate, develop confidence and show the way forward, IMTMA has now an I4.0 retrofitted facility comprising of common manufacturing CNC Machine and Automation, where most aspects can be practically demonstrated. The concepts shown here could be readily scaled up by Industry. To extend the benefits of experience and competency in Industry 4.0; Indian Ma

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