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Control System Design for Machine With PLC & SERVO

IMTMA understanding the importance of enhancing the skill set for engineers to adapt themselves for the new challenges in the industries for Machine Automation. The prime objective of the program is to develop the skillset on Control system Design for Machine Automation.

Participants will undergo rigorous hands-on training on all aspects of application and made to work on two real-time

Projects on CNC & PLC based automated machines. Besides, they will be trained on soft skill to develop the personality, work attitude, collaborative working and presentations skills.

The course will surely develop an effective skill set with confidence and make them “INDUSTRY READY for MACHINE AUTOMATION ENGINEER”. This enhances the employability quotient and earn a job in manufacturing industries by their wisdom.

Focus Areas

  • Electrical Engineering fundamentals implementation.
  • Electrical Switchgear elements, Motor circuits, PLC Circuits, Safety Circuits - Hands-on training
  • Components selection for machine control, drives & Motors
  • Electrical switch gear elements
  • Introduction to PLC programming & Ladder diagram
  • Introduction to CNC technology
  • Electrical circuit design
  • E Plan software Training
  • Control system Design for Machine Automation – Real-time projects.
  • Design of Electrical Panel / Cabinet / Operator pendent.
  • Machine Interfacing & Commissioning
  • Industry Visit

Key Take Aways

  • Hands-on experience of control system design for machine
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Selection of Components and Design Documentation
  • Knowledge on PLC Programming
  • Knowledge on Drive Parameterization
  • CNC Machine Programming


  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Machine Design Aspects
  • Hands-on Experience Control System Design
  • Hands-on Experience on Design Documentation
  • Knowledge on PLC Programming
  • Knowledge on CNC Interfacing

Participant Profile

Fresh Graduate Engineers & Diploma engineers in Electrical & Electronics and Mechatronics stream

Fresh Hires from industry with < 2-year experience


Mr. H V Rajashekara, Senior Director, Design institute, IMTMA, he has over 27 years of experience in Machine Tool design and development from HMT Machine Tools, Bangalore.

Mr. L Gopi He has acquired immense experience in Design & Automation Systems for Manufacturing process and machines.

Mrs. Uma H N, served HMT for 25 Years has electrical Engineer at R & D dept, and a consultant for many industries presently

Mr. Shivanand, consultant, Entrepreneur having experience of 35 Years in the field of Manufacturing, Marketing, Design, Production, Project Execution of various Electrical Control Panels, he has Trained more than 6000 Electrical Engineers.

Mr. HariBabu from M/s Mitsubishi India will be addressing on controllers, PLC & Programming.

Mr. Nagesh from TECEL MARKETING will be addressing on CNC systems & Programming

Mr. Bhuvanesh / Mr. Naveen from RITTAL INDIA on E Plan design software & Documentation.

Mr. Anil Purohith from M/s Leonardo Automation who has over 25-years experience in Machine tool electronics and PLC Programming.

November, 2020

Online Industry Internship on “Industrial Automation Solution Through Fluid Sim, Codesys and Ciros - A Modular Production Approach”

23 November to 5 December, 2020,
Industrial Automation business offers a range of solutions for process and hybrid industries, including our industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software and advanced services, as well as measurement. Industrial Automation is 2nd in the market globally. knowledge of Industrial Automation solutions is a key skill what industries look from a candidate. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a Online programme on “Online Industry Internship on “Industrial Automation Solution Through Fluid Sim, Codesys and Ciros - A Modular Production Approach” This course provides an overa
November, 2020


23 November to 5 December, 2020,
This course provides an overall exposure to the technology of Industrial Automation and Controls as widely seen in factories of all types both for In 3D CNC machining, CAM Programming plays an important role and many times, the cycle time, part quality and surface Finish are dependent on the CAM programming strategies. While the latest CAM systems have efficient strategies from Roughing to Finishing, it is imperative that the CAM Programmer must have thorough knowledge about the CNC machine, CNC Tooling as well as the CAM system to deliver the optimum output. Mastercam is a very powerful CAM system for driving CNC Machining Centers and is a simple software for learning and use. Keeping this
November, 2020

Online Training on A Practical approach towards Cost reduction – Quality, Cost & Delivery improvement

26 to 28 November, 2020,
The economic downturn, which the world is facing post the pandemic COVID 19, has put costs under tremendous pressure. Organizations will have to make every possible effort to reduce cost. At the same time, the cash flows will be strained and therefore, Operations will have to make efforts for WIP reduction, optimize on the human resource and improve productivity to achieve the highest Return on Investment The competition will grow and all the players will try to garner as much market share as possible.  The Operations function of the future will have to use best practices. Those who will take the path of using the latest techniques and technology have the best chance to survive and gro
November, 2020

Online Training on Gear Manufacturing - Hobbing and Shaping Processes

26 to 27 November, 2020,
The Automotive, Agricultural, Defence and Railway industry is undergoing continuous change due to increased customer demand as well as improvement in production norms. Gears and Gear drives are an important component of all kinds of vehicles, machine tools, aircrafts, household appliances as well as a broad variety of industrial equipment, which play key role in transmission of power. Gear manufacturing is a complex activity, involving multiple manufacturing processes. Hence a good understanding about the various gears manufacturing processes and controlling of the parameters is essential, in order to meet the growing demands for better productivity and quality of gears. Keeping this in vie
November, 2020

Online Training on TRIZ: Shortcut to Innovative Solutions

28 November, 2020,
In industrial world all efforts for Innovation and Problem Solving get severely limited by quality, spread, reach and effectiveness of “Brainstorming”. In extreme cases either Brainstorming sessions may remain inconclusive and lead nowhere OR they may get short closed echoing the precast ideas of leader OR they throw up random ideas which often may not be workable. TRIZ is a technique which leads to focused ideation so that the brainstorming group gets guided towards solutions which have had better hit rate in comparable situations elsewhere, based on historical empirical data. In order to create awareness so that TRIZ methodology could be put into organization DNA rather than h
November, 2020

Hands On Training on Machine Tool Design – CNC GPM (Online & Offline)

30 November, 2020 to 23 January, 2021,
The course is structured with an introduction to Design fundamentals and more focused on machine tool design. Complete design of CNC Turning center will be carried out from concept to finish. Pre-process activities like design input, conceptualization, machine specification, 3D modeling of parts, sub-assemblies and final assembly using popular design CAD tools and preparing the final manufacturing drawings in par with industry standards, Design for Accuracy, Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly will be addressed during the course. It will be a highly interactive and hands-on training session and covers the entire 360° view on machine tool design aspects.
November, 2020


30 November to 29 December, 2020,
The Indian manufacturing sector has become major destination for global players not only for their manufacturing activities but also for marketing their latest developments specially in the field of CNC technologies. However, increased use of CNC machines / CNC automation doesn’t result in enhanced productivity directly. Systematic training in best manufacturing practices is highly crucial and well trained manpower can bring in significant improvement in productivity and quality levels thereby increased profitability. Amidst the competitive work environment today, Effective utilisation of resources including CNC machines, tooling, work holding and other accessories is the key to realis
November, 2020

Online Training on Effective Maintenance towards Zero Down Time (ZDT) - Electrical aspects of CNC Machines

30 November to 4 December, 2020,
CNC machines are real Mechatronic systems, having electrical and electronic circuits interacting with mechanical actuators / sub systems. Diagnostics and root cause analysis is an important aspect of maintenance, which is most often ignored. Often the roots of a mechanical problem is in the electronics area and that of an electronic problem lies elsewhere. Thorough understanding of the CNC machine circuit diagram, Ladder diagram and CNC parameters is needed to find and fix the root cause to minimize MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and effective planning of PMBF(Preventive Maintenance Before Failure) towards zero down time. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTM
December, 2020

Online Training on Fundamentals of Product Quality Planning (APQP) & Implementation of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

1 to 2 December, 2020,
New Product Development assumes lot of significance and has become very much essential for sustaining business growth of industries. However often many costly mistakes and time delay happen in new development of Products / Parts as well as processes. APQP mitigates such risks by following a systematic approach & upfront actions to ensure first time right from the beginning. All OEMs now mandate use of APQP as this system helps in development of product / process faster well in time, defect free and within budget. PPAP is part of the APQP process and documents a series of agreements between the supplier and customer to ensure timely development and consistent quality supplies as per custo
December, 2020

Online Training on Defect-free Sand Castings through Right Part and Process design

3 to 4 December, 2020,
Several different methods such as casting, powder metallurgy, forging and machining are available to shape metals into useful products. One of the oldest process is sand casting which basically involves pouring molten metal into a sand mould cavity, where upon solidification it takes the shape of the cavity. Beauty of this process is, any complicated shape in any metal can be casted. Sand casting technique is the most cost-effective and design flexible in foundry. Innovative and well-planned management of sand is essential for maintaining quality of the product and process. Success of getting defect free sand casting depends on gating and riser design and other process control in the foundry
December, 2020

Online Training on Lean Daily Management System

4 December, 2020,
In today’s competitive Business Scenario, organizations that excel in their performance consistently survive. In order to have a sustainable business organization, one needs to develop systems that align with the goals of the organization to all functions. And all the functions should perform as per standard on a daily basis consistently. To perform daily, we need a structured approach that needs to be practiced everyday.Lean daily management system is a systematic approach to plan, perform, track and solve problems on a daily basis. The system also ensures predicting problems so that they are appropriately solved at the right time to ensure effective performance.Keeping this in view,
December, 2020

Online Training on Data Analytics in Manufacturing

5 December, 2020,
Further to Data Gathering and putting it on into Database Structure.. Data Analytics and Reporting becomes the vital superstructure built on it to derive and drive the “Actionable” part which would culminate into some tangible results in terms of improvement and adaptive or predictive correction at Organization / Business Level. It is literally the “icing” on Industry 4.0 cake.In order to highlight the mechanism, role and utility of Data Analytics; Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising an online training on Data Analytics in Manufacturing.
December, 2020

Certified Online Hands on Training Programme on EPLAN - A Tool for Efficient Engineering(only for Students & Faculties)

7 to 18 December, 2020,
EPLAN brings an awareness on skill gap between Industries and the Academics. Proposed training model helps you to have glimpse on the industry knowledge and its terminology with help of the Engineering tool to produce the efficient engineering documentation in the areas of panel engineering and automation. Engineering design tool plays a major role to get effective work done in design engineers day-to-day activities and believes in innovative things for better tomorrow. Education, Attitude and Skills will take us to next level and we should be keen in learning things and improvise the same for our growth. IMTMA jointly offering students training program with EPLAN on Electrical Engineering
December, 2020

Online Training on Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories (Six Modules)

7 to 12 December, 2020,
This programme is a combination of 6 modules which will be conducted from 7 to 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day.
December, 2020

Online Training on Sales Process and Major Roles of a Sales Engineer

7 December, 2020,
This is 1st among the 6 modules of Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories scheduled on 7 - 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day. You may participate in an individual module.
December, 2020

Online Training Programme on Reliability Engineering – Concept, calculations ,techniques and tools

7 to 14 December, 2020,
Every organization today strives to ensure that customer expectations for reliability are fully met throughout the life of the product with low overall life-cycle costs. This means that a company must have a systematic, streamlined, engineering process in which reliability engineering is weaved into the total development cycle of the product design process. By the day, products are getting more complex. With increase in complexity in all aspects of product development, it becomes a necessity to have a well-defined process for incorporating reliability activities at every stage of the design cycle. By implementing reliability, a company can save potential field failures, and in turn save unw
December, 2020

Online Training on Soft Skills for Sales and Marketing Professionals

8 December, 2020,
This is 2nd among the 6 modules of Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories scheduled on 7 - 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day. You may participate in an individual module.
December, 2020

Online Training on Defects Analysis and Trouble shooting of Die Cast (PDC) parts

9 to 10 December, 2020,
High pressure die casting is often the process of choice because of its cost effectiveness and superior quality. The process produces components that have tight dimensional tolerance, good and consistent surface finish and near net shape. This enables manufacturers to make cost-effective small volume runs and is also cost competitive for large production runs. Aluminium die cast components have the property of being very light weight with significant mechanical properties and are used extensively in the automotive industry.However, defects are the real challenges for any die casting industry and the quality of a foundry can be increased by minimizing the casting defects during production. In
December, 2020

Online Training on Value-Based Selling Approach

9 December, 2020,
This is 3rd among the 6 modules of Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories scheduled on 7 - 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day. You may participate in an individual module.
December, 2020

Online Training on CNC Technology & Applications

10 December, 2020,
This is 4th among the 6 modules of Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories scheduled on 7 - 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day. You may participate in an individual module.
December, 2020

Online Training on Integration, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Hydraulics & Pneumatics Systems

10 to 12 December, 2020,
In depth understanding about Hydraulics & Pneumatics systems is mandatory for assembly and maintenance engineers. This will help minimize/eliminate the down time of a machine or an equipment related to Hydraulic and Pneumatic system to ensure the smooth functioning and uninterrupted production. This programme will focus in depth understanding of Elements of Hydraulics circuits, Preventive Maintenance Procedures and Safe Trouble Shooting Practices. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing an online 3 day programme on Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems.
December, 2020

Online Training on Honing, Lapping and Super finishing - Process, equipment, tools and industrial applications

11 to 12 December, 2020,
Surface finishing of components with extremely tight tolerance requirements require methods beyond just grinding. In order to make such parts, there are finer finishing Techniques such as Cylindrical Honing, Flat Honing, Lapping and Superfinishing, wherein these methods smooth the outer surface of a metal and refine the geometry to be able to produce precision components, which have many specific applications. But being niche processes, there is lack of general awareness about these processes. In order to present a holistic overview of Finishing Technologies, Processes, Equipment, Performance and typical applications ; Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a 2
December, 2020

Online Training on Fundamentals of SPC

11 December, 2020,
This is 5th among the 6 modules of Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories scheduled on 7 - 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day. You may participate in an individual module.
December, 2020

Online Training on Commercial Aspects for Sales and Marketing Engineers

12 December, 2020,
This is 6th among the 6 modules of Effective Sales and Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories scheduled on 7 - 12 December from 1000 to 1300 hours each day. You may participate in an individual module.
December, 2020

Online training on Best practices of CAD Modelling and Creating Manufacturing Drawings

15 to 19 December, 2020,
Manufacturing drawings play an important role in any manufacturing industry irrespective of product domain. Drawing is a crucial and an official document for making any product. Drawing helps communicate all the information intended by the designer to facilitate manufacturing through a graphical language. Drawing defines the part shape/geometry, size, dimensional accuracy, geometrical accuracy, surface finish, material, treatment, name, number and quantity. Graphical language is a universal language speaks single meaning globally, without any misinterpretation. CAD (Computer-aided design), helps in designing optimized and error-proof shape and size without any limits in 3D and as well 2D. U
December, 2020

Online Training on Industrial Sensors for Concurrent Process Control

15 to 16 December, 2020,
Increasing demands for higher production quality, improved manufacturing efficiency, and more stringent environmental standards have led to the development of new and complex types of industrial Automation. Hence the greater need for industrial sensors. These sensor systems are finding widespread application in diverse fields as machine tools, product inspection, automotive parts and advanced composite aircraft. The sensors typically employ optical, ultrasonic, or microwave techniques to perform measuring functions.     This course provides an overall exposure to the technology of Industrial Sensors and Controls as widely seen in factories of all types both for discrete and continuous m
December, 2020

Online Training on 8D Problem Solving Methodology

17 December, 2020,
8D Problem Solving Process, also known as TOPS – Team Oriented Problem Solving Methodology, is a team oriented approach to solving critical problems in the production process. Goals of this method are to find the root cause of the problem using statistical tools, develop containment actions to protect the customer and take preventive actions to prevent recurrence of the problem. This method was developed by FORD MOTOR COMPANY in 1987 and comprises 8 steps, and follows the PDCA logic. FORD refers to their current variant as G8D (Global 8D). The Ford 8D manual is extensive and covers chapter by chapter how to go about addressing, quantifying and resolving engineering issues. 8D Problem So
December, 2020

Online Training on Defects Analysis and Troubleshooting in Painting Applications

21 to 22 December, 2020,
In today’s manufacturing scenario, where shortage of raw material, power & increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day, ‘Painting / Coating application’ is possibly the most troubled issue. While we are nearly at par with global standards in metal working, we definitely lack in finishing and painting operations. The stark difference is visible when it comes to exporting our goods. The root cause in painting defects is often attributed to either paint suppliers or equipment suppliers, which may not be actual cause. Hence a better understanding of the defect Analysis especially in painting / powder coating leads to reduced rework and lower rejection rates
December, 2020

Online Training on Industrial Applications of Composites and their Manufacturing

23 to 24 December, 2020,
Composites have already found extensive applications in Aircrafts, Boats, Automobiles, Construction and General Engineering in applications ranging from covers, enclosures to load bearing structural members. They are being preferred for Light-weighting, durability, strength and mould-ability into deep and complex shapes.In order to present a holistic overview of Composites, how to design using composites, manufacturing, equipment, quality concerns and acceptance standards; Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a six hour online programme on this topic.
December, 2020

Online Training on Grinding Technology to Enhance Productivity

29 to 30 December, 2020,
In any Manufacturing set up Grinding is a Finishing Process which involves multiple parameters like work material with correct heat treatment, Process Parameters, selection of right grinding wheels, Machine requirement and Skill of the operator. A combined knowledge of these aspects can aid in getting the best possible outcome where grinding is needed. Lastly, since it is a final and a critical operation, any rejections at this stage involves high costs.This training program on Grinding Technology is designed with the intention to impart a practical approach for grinding with appropriate industrial case studies. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is
January, 2021

System Testing - IMTMA Training

1 January, 2021,
This event is created for testing purpose!
January, 2021

Online Training on HR Excellence Certification Program

8 January to 20 February, 2021,
In its effort to strengthen its offering to the manufacturing industries and to enable the executives and leaders to manage effectively, IMTMA offers this certification course for the HR community and also emerging leaders within the organisations. Two key differentiators for an enterprise to tide over the current situation are its Leadership Ability and the Human Capital Management. To strengthen and facilitate appropriate learning and awareness in the area of Human Capital Management, this certification program has been designed and developed to be delivered online. This program brings in the practitioner's perspective to HCM practice. The program has 12 sessions of 3 hours each to be con
January, 2021

Online Internship Training on Industry 4.0

18 to 30 January, 2021,
Industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing becomes a buzzword, commonly used in many industries and it’s an inevitable evolutionary step for “future compatibility” for any Manufacturing Facility in India and Abroad. Most of the Indian Industry is presently struggling to figure out how to get started into this “Digitalization” drive economically. They all have the common questions that where to start the Industry 4.0 journey and How to start. Industries need to identify and take small steps towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 in their work area to make the production must be more flexible. To extend the benefits of experience and competency in Industry 4.0; Indi

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