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Finite Element Analysis and Optimization

The Finite Element Analysis is a powerful engineering analysis and has been widely used in engineering since 1950. The course “Finite Element Analysis and Optimization” is a 6 weeks comprehensive programme for fresh mechanical engineers who are aspiring to build their career as CAE Expert in product manufacturing domain

This training presents the theory and applications of the Finite Element Method using ANSYS/HYPERWORKS. ANSYS Mechanical / HYPERWORKS are the FEA tools that are widely used across the manufacturing domain for analyzing and solving complex mechanical problems. These tools are used to predict the behaviour of the components and sub-systems in the manufacturing and real-world environments. These soft wares globally supports engineering simulation solutions by delivering high-quality products developed in lesser time through more information-based process. This course teaches FEM concepts and tool use in an integrated fashion.


  • Basics of Finite Element Methods (FEM)
  • Basic & Advanced Solid Modeling
  • Hands-on Training on ANSYS and HYPERWORKS
  • Method of Import and align the geometry
  • Making of geometry for FE modeling
  • Generate shell-mesh & solid mesh with 2D and 3D elements
  • Create & modify various geometric-entities
  • Introduction to Static Structural Analysis
  • Hands-on training on Structural Analysis
  • Advanced Structural Analysis (Dynamic, Nonlinear & Thermal)
  • Generating The Report Of Analysis
  • Typical live project exercise from Automobile, Machine Tool, and Industrial machinery
  • Revisiting of mechanical engineering fundamentals ie. SOM, Mechanics and Materials science
  • Training on CAD modeling, manufacturing drawings, GD&T, Design of machine sub-assembly and structures.


  • Strong theoretical understanding of FEM
  • Application of FEM to practical engineering problems
  • How to perform engineering simulations using ANSYS
  • Structural mechanics simulations using ANSYS Mechanical
  • Mathematical models underlying simulations
  • Building simulations of real-world applications
  • Verification and validation of simulations
  • How to approach engineering analysis and simulations like an expert
  • Efficient modeling techniques
  • FEM competency to enter manufacturing companies as FEM expert


Participant Eligibility

  • Fresh graduates with an aggregate score above 70% or equivalent CGPA from BE or B Tech, ME or M Tech.
  • IMTMA Design Institute admission test score above 60%.
  • Fresh hires from industry to acquire FEA/FEM skills and the above admission criteria may not be a compulsion.
  • 6th or 8th-semester students can also participate, satisfying the above criteria.

Who can participate?

  • Fresh graduates from BE or B Tech, ME or M Tech. (Mechanical / Aerospace & Automotive Engineering)
  • Fresh hires from industry to acquire FEA/FEM skills 
  • Working Design professionals 
  • 6th or 8th  semester students can also participate.


This programme will be conducted by Mr. H V Rajashekara, Sr. Director - Design institute, IMTMA. He has over 34-year experience in Machine Tool design and development from HMT-Precision machinery division Bangalore and Johnson Electric Group, Hongkong.

The programme is supported by various industry FEA/FEM experts Mr. Mangesh Ketkar, Mrs. Swathi Athwale, Mr. Bharath and K Rao from various Industry domains.

August, 2020

Virtual Live Training on “Design of Special Purpose Machine – An Experience of Machine Tool Design”

17 August to 10 October, 2020,
Pandemic situation shall not be the road block for upskilling and becoming industry ready. You can learn the industry design skills from your own premises. Before all the industries are back to normal production and look forward for recruitment of skilled engineers for production ramp up, it’s high time for every fresh mechanical engineers to learn industry design skills from machine tool experts and be ready to be appreciated and hired. The course is structured from Design fundamentals to final machine tool design. A real-time project will be carried out from concept to final design. Design Concept, 3D Part Modeling, Assembly Modules, CAD Tool, and Manufacturing Drawings Accuracy, De
September, 2020

Online Industry Internship Training on METAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - CAD TO PRINT

14 to 25 September, 2020,
Additive Manufacturing (AM) and related know-how are going to play a dominant role in how we conceive, design, produce and use objects. AM is going to push the limits of material science, and allow us to explore frontiers, never before imagined. Industry internship on Metal Additive Manufacturing is an industry-aligned program on metal additive manufacturing, aimed at the most important outcome of building the AM competencies in students with right fitment to the industry needs. Given that the technology, process, standards and manufacturing paradigms are evolving, it is imperative for reputed and responsible industries to step up and join hands with academia, to provide the required techno
September, 2020

Online Training on Heat Treatment - Metallurgy and Processes

21 to 22 September, 2020,
There is always a demand by the customers to get superior product for less cost. Engineers and scientists in organisations constantly work in their R&D laboratories to achieve this objective. About 70-80 percent of the components of industrial products, be it automotive or Engineering are manufactured out of various types of steel due to its favourable cost to strength ratio. Steel properties can be changed to meet the design requirement by suitable heat treatment processes. Therefore in-depth knowledge of different Industrial heat treating processes is essential to find solutions to the problems quickly and effectively. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (I
September, 2020

Online Training on Design of Stamping Dies for Sheet Metal Parts

21 to 26 September, 2020,
Set of Stamping Dies or Press Tools forms a vital, costly and time consuming element in the entire sheet part manufacturing process chain. Die Design defines the product quality, operating economics and productivity of mass manufacturing organization. Not only Stamping Die Design is being inadequately covered in most academic curricula; the coverage is too simplistic, academic and focused on specific CAD tool, making it largely a desktop event. It is generally not possible to cover the practical industrial part complexity, desired quality level and performance requirements. Keeping this in view, IMTMA an online training on Design of stamping dies for sheet metal parts.
September, 2020

Online Training on Anti Friction Bearings - Types, Selection and Applications for General Engineering and Machine Tools

23 to 24 September, 2020,
Rolling bearings are precision components and play a vital role in the reliable functioning of rotary equipment and machineries. Lack of bearing awareness can lead to premature bearing failures, unexpected machine breakdowns and loss of production. The basic knowledge about bearings can avoid these losses and bring in huge savings & benefits to the organisations. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising an online training on “Anti Friction Bearings-Types, Selection and Applications”. This program will address all the relevant aspects of rolling bearings right from various types, application details, handling, mounting & dismounting metho
September, 2020

Online Training on Design of Experiments (DOE) for Problem Solving

25 to 26 September, 2020,
Design of Experiments (DOE) is a mathematical approach to find the importance of the input (x) factor on some output (y) factor and Optimize the setting of x factors. Typically involved in the Lean, TQM and at the Improve stage in Six Sigma approach.DOE is useful in Design, Sales, Production, Logistics, Human Resource and Finance departments. It will identify the most important input factor for Sales volume, Production, Recruitment, Budgeting, Revenues etc. Thus to decide the focus for the relevant input factor like advertisement, Training, Technical parameters in the machine etc. This workshop is designed in such a way that a person without having any statistical or core mathematical backgr
September, 2020

Online Training on IDR Approach to Troubleshoot Component Defects in a Press Shop

29 to 30 September, 2020,
In a Press Shop, production runs are carried out for stamping a number of sheet metal components. Each component requires a number of Dies running on multiple presses. For each run, Die setups are changed and various parameters are set. Although the Dies are proven and productionised, there are some variables which differ from batch to batch, which results in the first few components not reaching the required quality requirements. Press Shop Personnel have to fine tune some settings to get the desired results. This is sometimes tricky and valuable time and material gets wasted. In some cases, Dies suffer damage due to manual errors and repairs have to be carried out on a war footing. This ca
October, 2020

Online Training on Best Practices for Manufacturing Cost Reduction

1 October, 2020,
Continuous Value enrichment for all its stakeholders (Investors, Customers, Partners, Employees, Society) is the only way to be locally and globally successful. An excellent organization with its highly competent process and people do the right things better, faster and more efficiently than its competition – Cost, Quality, Delivery, Innovation. Customers always ask for right products at right time with competitive prices. Price = Cost + Profit. Cost = Manufacturing cost + Admin Cost + Development Cost + Sales & Mktg costSince Price is dictated my market and Profit is required to survive and grow, controlling and reducing cost is the best option an organization can have to be
October, 2020

Online Training on Building Blocks of Automation and Configuring Solutions - A Practical Approach

5 to 10 October, 2020,
Automation remains inevitable for today’s industries and Automation means good business economics, more so during the post Covid scenario. In true spirit of “Atmanirbhar”, if the Indian Industry must compete in Quality, Cost, Speed and Reliability to the World Class; it is simply not achievable without Automation. Automation is deemed to be costly if outsourced fully, and it looks formidable owing to diversity of Building Blocks which go into an automated system. Integration and customization still remains the biggest challenge in implementing Automation at an appropriate cost. Good proficiency in Automation definitely holds the key to employment potential in near future.
October, 2020

Online Training on Design and processing techniques for Sheet metal parts

6 to 7 October, 2020,
Sheet metal parts are used extensively in Automobiles, Electronics, Consumer goods and many other products. Sheet metal parts need to be designed for form, functionality and aesthetics whilst keeping in mind the formability of these parts using press tools. Most sheet metal parts are mass produced for which press tools are used. Overlooking the production feasibility of production of metal parts can lead to unwanted design changes and lead to longer product development cycles. Hence knowledge of sheet metal materials, press tools, processing techniques and production feasibility becomes essential for sheet metal part designers.
October, 2020

Online Training on Surface Plating and Protection Technology

8 to 9 October, 2020,
In today’s manufacturing scenario, shortage of raw material & power, meeting quality with consistency in quality norms and increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day. Besides these business challenges, surface finish, an important manufacturing process contributes significantly to the costs. During finishing of parts, Surface plating techniques such as ‘Electroplating, application’ is possibly the most troubled issue. Lack of knowledge in Surface plating and protection technology leads to high rework and rejection rates in-house & as well as from outside vendors. Hence it is important to follow the right techniques to achieve surface finish of acce
October, 2020

Online Training on Fundamentals of Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

10 to 11 October, 2020,
Designers strive to tolerance components optimally to reduce the cost of manufacturing and Inspection. However, the individual part tolerances add up in an assembly and the accumulated tolerance could hamper the function of the assembly resulting in scrapping / reworking of parts and assemblies. Tolerance Stack-up Analysis will help determine the maximum possible variation in an assembly quantitatively, enables the designer to optimise the tolerances, thereby ensuring a robust design. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an Online training on "Fundamentals of Tolerance Stack-up Analysis" on 10-11 October 2020. Note : Timing of the session will be 1400-1700Hrs on Day-1 and 1000-1300Hrs
October, 2020

Online Training on Implementing Industry 4.0 in Indian Context

13 to 14 October, 2020,
Industry 4.0 is seen as the next step of evolution of the way Businesses and Manufacturing would work, interact, interconnect and improve through Data Automation and Connectivity; much like how Smart Phones and Internet connectivity have transformed lives.Indian Industry cannot afford to lag far behind in implementing Industry 4.0 for “Future Proofing” itself.While there is lot of noise about Industry 4.0; Indian Industry is struggling to make a beginning in a big way as there no clarity on its cost and benefit, and also how to implement it so that it grows and integrates with the future development and does not remain as an isolated graft.Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufa
October, 2020

Online Training on Design of Gearbox– Industrial Machinery

13 to 17 October, 2020,
This course is structured with an introduction to elements of Gear box and more focused towards Industrial applications. Introduction to types of gears, gear profiles, gear calculations, gear standards being a part of the curriculum. Introduction to design input for gearbox design, conceptualization gear layout, sizing of gears and shafts, calculations on gears, bearing selection, seals, keys and standard parts used in gear box. Part modelling, assembly modelling and detailed drawing using popular design CAD tools will be carried out as a project. DFM and DFMA will be a key points addressed in the training. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is orga
October, 2020

Online training program on Industrial Drive Technology for Motion Control

15 to 16 October, 2020,
Motion control technology melds seamlessly into its overall automation system – along with machine control, HMI and safety technology – to create a complete system solution for machines and equipment. Motion control components are fully interoperable, so individual devices can be swapped out at any time to adapt to changes in the machine's configuration or requirements. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on Industrial drive technology for motion control.
October, 2020

Online Training on Essentials of VDA 6.3 implementation

17 October, 2020,
VDA 6.3 is a Quality Management Standard mandatory for German OEMs. It is an excellent tool for process audits within the automotive industry acting as a guideline for performing audits. It provides information on the significance and application scope of a process audit over the entire product realisation process cycle in both manufacturing and services.
October, 2020

Online Training on Design of Fixtures – Specialization in Machining / Welding / Assembly / Inspection

19 to 23 October, 2020,
The course is structured with introduction to Fixture Design basics to final design. Design of fixture is key to effective utilization of machine tools. Basics of fixture design if not implemented correctly results in poor productivity & quality problems. Set-up time and cycle time reduction, increased accuracy on components, deskilling the job setting operation are the obvious advantages of a good fixture. Competence in right fixture differentiates excellent organizations. A complete process of fixture design will be carried out from concept to finish design. Pre-design activities like design input, conceptualization, process planning, accuracy consideration, cycle time estimation, POK
October, 2020

Online Training on Light-Weighting of Automobiles

20 to 21 October, 2020,
In order to comply with ever-tightening emission norms and to provide higher mileage, higher pickup and higher payload Light-Weighting of vehicles have become inevitable.Light-weighting is done for: Body-In-White (BIW), substructure, engine & transmission elements, bought out aggregates right down to fasteners. Diverse Technologies and choice of materials ranging from sheet metal to cast and forged items are used in Light-Weighting.In order to present a holistic overview of new technologies and materials which have become current and near-future industry trend. Keeping this in view Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a six-hour online programme on Light-Weig
October, 2020

Online Training on CNC Programming – Turning Centres

21 to 23 October, 2020,
CNC Turning is one of the major manufacturing process in which cylindrical bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape. CNC lathes or turning centres have tooling mounted on a turret. Turning Centres perform rotating spindle operations.Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a 3 days online programme on “CNC Programming - Turning Centres”.
October, 2020

Online Training on Design and Processing Techniques for Plastic Parts

22 to 23 October, 2020,
Plastic parts are found in a wide range of products such as Automobiles, Electronics, Consumer goods and many other products.Plastic parts can be manufactured in extremely high volumes depending on their usage and there are different types of processing techniques to meet such requirements. Hence a plastic part designer has to keep in mind operational and manufacturing considerations while designing plastic parts. Knowledge of different material formulations alongwith efficient processing techniques helps designers to design plastic parts to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.
October, 2020

Online Training on Hot Forging Technology - Processes, DFM, Quality and Cost Considerations

28 October, 2020,
Forging is in a transition from black smithy to modern technology led manufacturing. Forging finds its use in various industries and has several applications using different metals and alloys. Forging cannot be substituted due to its strength properties. Since Forging is energy and cost intensive process it is important to understand the basics and modern methods to make forging a very competitive technology. This program covers the basics of forging technology to modern manufacturing , engineering and quality aspects and modern concepts of CAE and IOT also will be dealt with as the new generation forging is about complex shapes , complex practices which eventually make forging competitive.
October, 2020

Online Training on CNC Programming – Machining Centres

28 to 30 October, 2020,
A machining centre can be defined as a sophisticated CNC machine tool controlled by a computer, running programs driven by numerical data, which can perform multiple machining operations like milling, drilling, tapping and boring operations by making use of a variety of tools with Automatic Tool Changer.Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a 3 days online programme on “Programming & Operation of CNC Machining Centre”.

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