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Finite Element Analysis and Optimization

The Finite Element Analysis is a powerful engineering analysis and has been widely used in engineering since 1950. The course “Finite Element Analysis and Optimization” is a 6 weeks comprehensive programme for fresh mechanical engineers who are aspiring to build their career as CAE Expert in product manufacturing domain

This training presents the theory and applications of the Finite Element Method using ANSYS/HYPERWORKS. ANSYS Mechanical / HYPERWORKS are the FEA tools that are widely used across the manufacturing domain for analyzing and solving complex mechanical problems. These tools are used to predict the behaviour of the components and sub-systems in the manufacturing and real-world environments. These soft wares globally supports engineering simulation solutions by delivering high-quality products developed in lesser time through more information-based process. This course teaches FEM concepts and tool use in an integrated fashion.


  • Basics of Finite Element Methods (FEM)
  • Basic & Advanced Solid Modeling
  • Hands-on Training on ANSYS and HYPERWORKS
  • Method of Import and align the geometry
  • Making of geometry for FE modeling
  • Generate shell-mesh & solid mesh with 2D and 3D elements
  • Create & modify various geometric-entities
  • Introduction to Static Structural Analysis
  • Hands-on training on Structural Analysis
  • Advanced Structural Analysis (Dynamic, Nonlinear & Thermal)
  • Generating The Report Of Analysis
  • Typical live project exercise from Automobile, Machine Tool, and Industrial machinery
  • Revisiting of mechanical engineering fundamentals ie. SOM, Mechanics and Materials science
  • Training on CAD modeling, manufacturing drawings, GD&T, Design of machine sub-assembly and structures.


  • Strong theoretical understanding of FEM
  • Application of FEM to practical engineering problems
  • How to perform engineering simulations using ANSYS
  • Structural mechanics simulations using ANSYS Mechanical
  • Mathematical models underlying simulations
  • Building simulations of real-world applications
  • Verification and validation of simulations
  • How to approach engineering analysis and simulations like an expert
  • Efficient modeling techniques
  • FEM competency to enter manufacturing companies as FEM expert


Participant Eligibility

  • Fresh graduates with an aggregate score above 70% or equivalent CGPA from BE or B Tech, ME or M Tech.
  • IMTMA Design Institute admission test score above 60%.
  • Fresh hires from industry to acquire FEA/FEM skills and the above admission criteria may not be a compulsion.
  • 6th or 8th-semester students can also participate, satisfying the above criteria.

Who can participate?

  • Fresh graduates from BE or B Tech, ME or M Tech. (Mechanical / Aerospace & Automotive Engineering)
  • Fresh hires from industry to acquire FEA/FEM skills 
  • Working Design professionals 
  • 6th or 8th  semester students can also participate.


This programme will be conducted by Mr. H V Rajashekara, Sr. Director - Design institute, IMTMA. He has over 34-year experience in Machine Tool design and development from HMT-Precision machinery division Bangalore and Johnson Electric Group, Hongkong.

The programme is supported by various industry FEA/FEM experts Mr. Mangesh Ketkar, Mrs. Swathi Athwale, Mr. Bharath and K Rao from various Industry domains.

June, 2020

Design for Additive Manufacturing

1 June to 11 July, 2020,
3D printers are used to make three-dimensional objects and entities by printing. This process is also called an additive manufacturing process. In these printers, consecutive films and layers of a particular material are laid down under computer control. The objects that are created in these printers can be of many shapes, sizes or geometry. The printers successively set down the material onto a powder bed that has inkjet printer heads attached to it. Although they are generally referred to as 3D printers or 3D printing machines, technical standards refer to these devices as the additive manufacturing process
June, 2020

Finite Element Analysis and Optimization

8 June to 18 July, 2020,
The Finite Element Analysis is a powerful engineering analysis and has been widely used in engineering since 1950. The course “Finite Element Analysis and Optimization” is a 6 weeks comprehensive programme for fresh mechanical engineers who are aspiring to build their career as CAE Expert in product manufacturing domain
July, 2020

Online Training on How to Improve OEE and Achieve Manufacturing Excellence

7 July, 2020,
Production and productivity measurement on the shop floor has been done traditionally through log books, excel worksheets and reflects data as a historical record. Companies have their own methods at arriving at productivity. Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE is a standardised metric to measure productivity. Realtime measurement of OEE will result in quick and accurate decision making. In today’s VUCA world immediate analysis and decisions need to be made based on real time data. This requires an automated productivity monitoring and control system as companies move towards Industry 4.0. This seminar discusses the principles behind productivity measurement through OEE. Further partici
July, 2020

Online Training on Engineering Materials and their selection - Key to Successful Design

8 July, 2020,
Engineering design depends on materials that are shaped, joined and ?nished by processes. Design requirements de?ne the performance required of the materials, expressed as target values for certain design-limiting properties. Perhaps one of the most important tasks that an engineer may be called upon to perform is that of materials selection with regard to component design. Inappropriate or improper decisions can be disastrous from both economic and safety perspectives. Therefore, it is essential that the engineers become familiar with and versed in the procedures and protocols that are normally employed in this process. Understanding materials, their properties and behaviour is fundamental
July, 2020

Online Training on Interviewing Skills - Key to build Brand and Attract Talent

9 July, 2020,
India still remains as one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has to prepare itself to leverage the positive image as a reliable sustainable investment location for the businesses across the world. Every enterprise’s objective is profit and the primary tool for profit manufacturing are the 5 Ms viz., men, machine, materials, methods and money.The secret of successful companies is their ability to SCALE UP.  To SCALE UP is to have an army of competent and inspirational leaders. The first step in the journey towards an highly successful company is to identify, acquire and nurture talent. Hence Talent Acquisition and Talent Management becomes the key differentiator for high
July, 2020

Online Training on Essentials of Process Planning for Machined Parts

10 to 11 July, 2020,
Process planning has high impact on Production Cost and Quality of a component.A Process Plan is a sequence of operations to produce a component as per dimensional and quality parameters specified in a drawing. An effective process plan shall often foresee and mitigate challenges in manufacturing of a component – in the planning stage itself. It minimises delays in New Component Development. Process Planning is a complex process influenced by raw material input condition, type of machines, quality parameters, production volume, competence of operators and many more. Similarly, a process planner should have adequate knowledge about Materials, Machines, Work holding, Cutting Tools, Process
July, 2020

Online Training on TPM – The foundation for Manufacturing Excellence

11 July, 2020,
‘Total Productive Maintenance’ (TPM) is a methodology to maximize equipment effectiveness and manufacturing processes through the involvement of all the people in the organization. TPM deals with all Operational aspects of a company through Asset care, hence the name "Total."TPM is the fundamental requirements to achieve manufacturing excellence that will ensure significant improvement in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Employee Morale. TPM visibly transforms the workplace and raises the knowledge and skill of Production and Maintenance teams. It was pioneered by JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) and it became rapidly popular across manufacturing world as prov
July, 2020

Online Industry Internship on "Design and Manufacturing of CNC Lathe Spindle" (Design – Manufacturing – Assembly)

13 July to 7 August, 2020,
The Machine tool spindle is most sophisticated member in machine tool and plays a vital role for better performance, higher efficiency and accuracy. Design of spindle is very important and a critical activity of machine tool design process. Spindles are integral part of the machine tool and responsible for quality of the final product produced and overall productivity of the machine tools. It is very essential analyze and optimize the design for low cost and better performance. Sizing of the spindle for machine capability in terms of dimension, power, speed, force and accuracy are the key challenges for machine designers for right machine and right application. Understanding the spindle desi
July, 2020

Online Live Training on Programming & Operation of CMM Machine - A Shop floor Practice

17 July, 2020,
A coordinate measuring machine is a 3D device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. This machine may be manually controlled by an operator or it may be computer controlled. Measurements are defined by a probe attached to the third moving axis of this machine. Probes may be mechanical, optical, laser, or white light, amongst others. A machine which takes readings in six degrees of freedom and displays these readings in mathematical form is known as a CMM. This is a high accurate machine which is used to measure the three dimensional work pieces.
July, 2020

Online Live Training on Dimensional Measurements - An Experience of Shop floor on Metrology

24 July, 2020,
Dimensional metrology is the science of measurement to quantify the size of the objects and help to decide whether the manufactured part is accepted or rejected as per the drawing and tolerance. Even though the person is able to take the reading, the measuring error may happen due to the improper handling of the instruments. So one must be good in selection of the right instrument, handling and reading the measurement.
July, 2020

Online Training programme on 'SolidWorks & Industrial Manufacturing Drawings and become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional ( CSWP)'

27 July to 7 August, 2020,
The SOLIDWORKS Student Certification Program CSWP, is created to give students a way to prove not only their skills in the SOLIDWORKS platform but also build their basic knowledge of the entire design process enabling them to become competitive in today’s job market. Earning CSWP certificate unlocks a wide range of opportunities for students, often serving as a stepping stone for more advanced degrees and more career opportunities. This is purely online training program conducted by SOLIDWORKS Certified Trainers. This is a limited period offer. It is launched as part of student engagement and enablement during the lockdown period for students who are pursuing their courses from Engine

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