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Additive manufacturing technology acquires significance in the manufacturing industry for enabling product making as end to end solutions without any design boundaries for both manufacturing and assembly. It allows engineers to accomplish more than what they would through traditional manufacturing techniques. Hence many stakeholders in manufacturing industry are increasingly incorporating additive manufacturing technology in their low volume production.

3D printing technology penetrates new horizons, industries are confronted with the primary challenge of employing skilled workforce to use this technology. There is a dearth in finding skilled technicians/engineers having the knowhow of additive manufacturing.

IMTMA, to plug the gaps, considering the roles they are supposed to play in the additive manufacturing industry, has embarked upon training the engineers by handholding them through actual workshop processes on Additive Manufacturing


  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
  • Drafting standards, Limits, Fits, Tolerance and GD&T
  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
  • Basics of 3D printing process and machines
  • Introduction to SLA, FDM, SLM
  • Introduction Metallurgy, Analysis & Powder management for Additive manufacturing
  • Design For Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)
  • Topology Optimization for 3D Printing
  • Optimization of support for 3D Printing
  • Optimization of part orientation for 3D printing
  • 3D printing Machine Operation and Programming
  • Post-processing – Heat treatment process for printed parts
  • 3D part qualification – Metallurgical analysis

 Key Take Aways

  • Additive Manufacturing Technology
  • Popular Engineering Materials for AM
  • Part Design for 3D Printing
  • CAD and Analysis software
  • Training on 3D printing machines
  • Placement support for fresh engineers at AM Industry

 Participant Profile

  • Final Year Student & Fresh Graduate Engineers in Mechanical & Mechatronics.
  • Fresh Hires and working experience from the industry


This programme will be conducted by Mr. H V Rajashekara, Senior Director - Design Institute, IMTMA. He has over 30 years experience on Machine design and development from HMT Bangalore and Johnson Electric Group, Hongkong. In addition, industry experts and consultants specialized in Machine Design will be visiting as guest faculty.

November, 2020

Online Industry Internship on “Industrial Automation Solution Through Fluid Sim, Codesys and Ciros - A Modular Production Approach”

2 to 14 November, 2020,
Industrial Automation business offers a range of solutions for process and hybrid industries, including our industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software and advanced services, as well as measurement. Industrial Automation is 2nd in the market globally. knowledge of Industrial Automation solutions is a key skill what industries look from a candidate. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a Online programme on “Online Industry Internship on “Industrial Automation Solution Through Fluid Sim, Codesys and Ciros - A Modular Production Approach” This course provi
November, 2020


2 to 14 November, 2020,
This course provides an overall exposure to the technology of Industrial Automation and Controls as widely seen in factories of all types both for In 3D CNC machining, CAM Programming plays an important role and many times, the cycle time, part quality and surface Finish are dependent on the CAM programming strategies. While the latest CAM systems have efficient strategies from Roughing to Finishing, it is imperative that the CAM Programmer must have thorough knowledge about the CNC machine, CNC Tooling as well as the CAM system to deliver the optimum output. Mastercam is a very powerful CAM system for driving CNC Machining Centers and is a simple software for learning and use. Keeping this
November, 2020

Online Training on Essentials of Process Planning for Machined Parts

3 to 4 November, 2020,
Process planning has high impact on Production Cost and Quality of a component. A Process Plan is a sequence of operations to produce a component as per dimensional and quality parameters specified in a drawing. An effective process plan shall often foresee and mitigate challenges in manufacturing of a component – in the planning stage itself. It minimises delays in New Component Development. Process Planning is a complex process influenced by raw material input condition, type of machines, quality parameters, production volume, competence of operators and many more. Similarly, a process planner should have adequate knowledge about Materials, Machines, Work holding, Cutting Tools, Pro
November, 2020

Online Training on Advanced Heat Treatment

3 to 4 November, 2020,
The demand for a superior product at a lower cost is an ever growing demand. Engineers and scientists in organizations constantly researching to achieve this objective. About 70-80 percent of the components of industrial products, whether they are automotive or non-Automotive products are manufactured out of various types of steel due to its favourable cost to strength ratio. Steel properties can be changed to meet the manufacturing process standard to meet the design requirement by suitable heat treatment processes. Therefore in-depth knowledge of different Industrial heat treating processes is essential to find solutions to the problems quickly and effectively. Keeping this in view, India
November, 2020

Online Training on How to achieve breakthrough results through Six sigma methodology

5 to 6 November, 2020,
Continuous Value enrichment for all its stakeholders (Investors, Customers, Partners, Employees, Society ) is the only way to be locally and globally successful. An excellent organization with its highly competent process and people do the right things better, faster and more efficiently than its competition – Cost, Quality, Delivery, Innovation. Over the last 30 years, Six Sigma methodology have proven its utility to all the organizations who have learned and practiced with religious sincerity. It has given huge benefits to all the practicing organizations in terms of improved market penetration, customer delight, better business process performance, breakthrough results, reduced cost
November, 2020

Online Training on Primer course on Sheet metal forming

5 to 6 November, 2020,
A big proportion of professionals working in Sheet forming have learn't the tricks of the trade and the do’s & don’ts the hard way, through years of painstaking experiential learning. The onslaught of new technology and materials in this domain has been so rapid that there is a dire need for a short capsule covering the basics, new technologies along with practical aspects of meeting the taller demands on quality and process performance. In order to address this requirement; Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a six hour online Primer course in Sheet metal forming. 
November, 2020

HR Excellence Certification Program

7 November to 27 December, 2020,
Two key differentiators for an enterprise to tide over the current situation are its Leadership Ability and the Human Capital Management. To strengthen and facilitate appropriate learning and awareness in the area of Human Capital Management, this certification program has been designed and developed to be delivered online. This program brings in the practitioner's perspective to HCM practice. The program has 12 sessions of 3 hours each to be conducted over weekends and to facilitate participation without hindering the work schedule of the Executives.
November, 2020

Online Training on FEA / FEM using ANSYS - A practical approach with Hands-on training

9 to 13 November, 2020,
Manufacturing Industries are facing many challenges on product optimization during its design from their customers demand on reliability, performance, faster time to market and lowering cost yielding to erosion in profit margins. Enhancing product value in terms of functionality has never been more critical. Finite Element Method has become the mainstay of engineering design and development to accelerate new product development. This program is intended to build competitive skills in FEM with more practical workshops on CAE tools and make them FEM experts. Keeping this in view, IMTMA Design Institute is organizing a five days online training on “Product Optimization through Finite El
November, 2020

Online Training on Cost and Cycle time reduction in CNC Machining applications

10 to 11 November, 2020,
Effective utilization of Machining Centres for reduction in cycle time, competitive production costs, improved quality, performance and longevity of machines, is an important role in enhancing productivity especially in large volume production. In the highly competitive market scenario, customers determine the price of a product and entrepreneurs need to continuously fine tune the costs to realize profits. Machine utilization has a major impact in reducing the manufacturing cost of components. For increasing machine on time and improving productivity requires adopting best machining practices.Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising an online
November, 2020

Online Training on “Industrial Sensors for Concurrent Process Control”

10 to 11 November, 2020,
Increasing demands for higher production quality, improved manufacturing efficiency, and more stringent environmental standards have led to the development of new and complex types of industrial Automation. Hence the greater need for industrial sensors. These sensor systems are finding widespread application in diverse fields as machine tools, product inspection, automotive parts and advanced composite aircraft. The sensors typically employ optical, ultrasonic, or microwave techniques to perform measuring functions. Most undergraduate mechanical engineering programmes do not fill this knowledge gap in the students' education and there exists a need for sensor engineering related courses. Thi
November, 2020

Online Training Programme on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) in Design through Manufacturing

12 to 13 November, 2020,
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) system eliminates ambiguities in engineering drawings and brings out the designer's intent very clearly. It ensures seamless communication between design, engineering, manufacturing and quality teams across the entire organization enabling them to work in a concurrent engineering environment. Application of GD&T system helps to reduce the manufacturing and inspection costs drastically.This programme will focus on understanding the system of GD & T and the methods of applying it in real time designs.
November, 2020

Online Training on Lean Daily Management System

20 November, 2020,
In today’s competitive Business Scenario, organizations that excel in their performance consistently survive. In order to have a sustainable business organization, one needs to develop systems that align with the goals of the organization to all functions. And all the functions should perform as per standard on a daily basis consistently. To perform daily, we need a structured approach that needs to be practiced everyday.Lean daily management system is a systematic approach to plan, perform, track and solve problems on a daily basis. The system also ensures predicting problems so that they are appropriately solved at the right time to ensure effective performance.Keeping this in view,
November, 2020

Hands On Training on Machine Tool Design – CNC GPM

23 November, 2020 to 16 January, 2021,
The course is structured with an introduction to Design fundamentals and more focused on machine tool design. Complete design of CNC Turning center will be carried out from concept to finish. Pre-process activities like design input, conceptualization, machine specification, 3D modeling of parts, sub-assemblies and final assembly using popular design CAD tools and preparing the final manufacturing drawings in par with industry standards, Design for Accuracy, Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly will be addressed during the course. It will be a highly interactive and hands-on training session and covers the entire 360° view on machine tool design aspects.
November, 2020

Online Training on Surface Roughness Measurement and Validation

24 November, 2020,
While there is lot of emphasis on Inspection of Dimensions and Tolerances post Finish Machining the knowhow of Surface Finish or Roughness measurement tends to be largely restricted to Ra Value and its validation. There is lot more to Surface Quality than Ra value, in terms of range of Parameters, how it depends on Machining Parameters, technologies to improve it and technologies to measure it.There is a definite need to cover all these aspects systematically and comprehensively in a manner that Industry personnel can readily relate to their processes.Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a three hour online programme on “Surface Rou
November, 2020

Online Training on Limits, Fits and Tolerances - A Practical Approach

25 November, 2020,
Engineering design and Engineering drawing are incomplete without assigning tolerances. Tolerancing is an important and essential element in product manufacturing for both functional and interchangeability. Tolerances facilitates to balance the life of a product and the cost. Non-scientific method of tolerancing surely result in parts that do not function in the way they were intended or parts produced with dimensions that are more precise than necessary, adding unwanted cost to production. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a 3 Hrs Online Training programme on “Limits, Fits & Tolerances – A Practical Approach” on
November, 2020

Online training program on Operational excellence through QCD improvement

26 to 28 November, 2020,
The economic downturn, which the world is facing post the pandemic COVID 19, has put costs under tremendous pressure. Organizations will have to make every possible effort to reduce cost. At the same time, the cash flows will be strained and therefore, Operations will have to make efforts for WIP reduction, optimize on the human resource and improve productivity to achieve the highest Return on Investment The competition will grow and all the players will try to garner as much market share as possible.  The Operations function of the future will have to use best practices. Those who will take the path of using the latest techniques and technology have the best chance to survive and gro
November, 2020

Online Training on Gear Manufacturing - Hobbing and Shaping Processes

26 to 27 November, 2020,
The Automotive, Agricultural, Defence and Railway industry is undergoing continuous change due to increased customer demand as well as improvement in production norms. Gears and Gear drives are an important component of all kinds of vehicles, machine tools, aircrafts, household appliances as well as a broad variety of industrial equipment, which play key role in transmission of power. Gear manufacturing is a complex activity, involving multiple manufacturing processes. Hence a good understanding about the various gears manufacturing processes and controlling of the parameters is essential, in order to meet the growing demands for better productivity and quality of gears. Keeping this in vie
November, 2020

Online Training on TRIZ: Shortcut to Innovative Solutions

28 November, 2020,
In industrial world all efforts for Innovation and Problem Solving get severely limited by quality, spread, reach and effectiveness of “Brainstorming”. In extreme cases either Brainstorming sessions may remain inconclusive and lead nowhere OR they may get short closed echoing the precast ideas of leader OR they throw up random ideas which often may not be workable. TRIZ is a technique which leads to focused ideation so that the brainstorming group gets guided towards solutions which have had better hit rate in comparable situations elsewhere, based on historical empirical data. In order to create awareness so that TRIZ methodology could be put into organization DNA rather than h
November, 2020


30 November to 29 December, 2020,
The Indian manufacturing sector has become major destination for global players not only for their manufacturing activities but also for marketing their latest developments specially in the field of CNC technologies. However, increased use of CNC machines / CNC automation doesn’t result in enhanced productivity directly. Systematic training in best manufacturing practices is highly crucial and well trained manpower can bring in significant improvement in productivity and quality levels thereby increased profitability. Amidst the competitive work environment today, Effective utilisation of resources including CNC machines, tooling, work holding and other accessories is the key to realis
December, 2020

Certified Online Hands on Training Programme on EPLAN - A Tool for Efficient Engineering(only for Students & Faculties)

7 to 18 December, 2020,
EPLAN brings an awareness on skill gap between Industries and the Academics. Proposed training model helps you to have glimpse on the industry knowledge and its terminology with help of the Engineering tool to produce the efficient engineering documentation in the areas of panel engineering and automation. Engineering design tool plays a major role to get effective work done in design engineers day-to-day activities and believes in innovative things for better tomorrow. Education, Attitude and Skills will take us to next level and we should be keen in learning things and improvise the same for our growth. IMTMA jointly offering students training program with EPLAN on Electrical Engineering

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