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ePLAN Software and Panel Design

ePLAN Software and Panel Design

IMTMA understanding the importance of enhancing skill set for engineers to adopt themselves for the new challenges in the industries for Automation. The training module encompasses a designed for using the ePlan electrical design tool for generating the Design Documents. The training module is structured with Introduction to ePlan Software (Electrical Design Tool) Circuit design fundamentals and focused on Design Documentation, which subsequently translates into effective, flexible and value based training. The training module designed for working professionals and students, each course schedule consists of well-balanced theory and provides hands-on training to optimize the knowledge on Systematic Design Documentation process. Our fleet of faculties are industrial domain experts expelling the knowledge make a huge difference in the training execution and ensure the minimum level of expertise for the participants.


  • Introduction ePlan Software
  • Electrical Circuit design
  • Part data base & upgrade
  • Generation of Bill of Materials, Cable Schedule, Terminal Schedule
  • Generating Reports
  • Generating Internal & External Arrangements drawings for Control Panel
  • Generating Internal & External Arrangements drawings for Junction Boxes
  • Procedure of positioning the components on the Mounting Plate
  • Gland Plate detailing for field Cables

Key Take Aways

  • Comprehensive knowledge on ePlan software
  • Expertize in generating the Design Documentation
  • Expertize in generating flaw less design with cross references for easy assembly process
  • Revision handling of the projects.
  • Hands on experience on programming tools
  • Aspects of standardizing the Design Documents.


  • Thorough knowledge on ePLAN & Panel Design
  • Better performance
  • Flawless Documents for better manufacturing process
  • Knowledge on design aspects

 Participant Profile

  • This programme will be more benefit practicing Engineers and managers from industry of all who are dealing with design & manufacturing of control system or control panels segment.
  • Diploma and graduate engineers with fresh engineers and experienced engineers.


Mr. Gopi, He has acquired immense experience in Design & Automation Systems for Manufacturing process and machines.Profound knowledge on EPLAN Drawing / Design Tool for Electrical Drawings and ACAD for Mechanical Drawings. PLC Programming on S7-300 / 1200 / 1500 for SIEMENS, GX Developer for Mitshibushi PLC and Schneider PLC’s. Worked on Siemens 810D / 840D and 802D SL CNC packages of SIEMENS

Also from Eplan Software Technical Support

August, 2020

Online Training on Care for Machine Tool Spindles - Systematic Approach for Spindle Maintenance

13 to 14 August, 2020,
Maintenance of spindles in metal cutting or industrial machinery is a critical function of a maintenance engineer. Technicians maintaining them typically require special diagnostic tools and intense technical training. Often component deviations can be traced to faulty spindles. Spindle maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of bearing application, lubrication, assembly tools and techniques. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on "Care for machine tool spindles-Systematic approach for spindle maintenance".
August, 2020

Online Training on Programming & Operation of CNC Machining Centre

14 August, 2020,
A machining centre can be defined as a sophisticated CNC machine tool controlled by a computer, running programs driven by numerical data, which can perform multiple machining operations like milling, drilling, tapping and boring operations by making use of a variety of tools with Automatic Tool Changer. Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a 3 hours online programme on “Programming & Operation of CNC Machining Centre”
August, 2020

Online Training on Hydraulic System Development for Industrial Applications – A Practical Approach

17 to 21 August, 2020,
The course is structured from introduction to basics of Hydraulics systems. Hydraulics design, if not configured and implemented correctly, would result in poor performance in system reliability during their operation. Conceptualization w.r.t the actual requirement in terms of force, speed and safety is very essential during design. Selection of hydraulic elements and sizing, calculations for optimization, design of entire system is very vital in any mechanical industry. Assembly of hydraulic elements, hydraulic piping, machine interface and troubleshooting is a key requirement. Keeping this in view, IMTMA has designed the course on "Hydraulic System Development for Industrial Applications
August, 2020

Virtual Live Training on “Design of Special Purpose Machine – An Experience of Machine Tool Design”

17 August to 10 October, 2020,
Pandemic situation shall not be the road block for upskilling and becoming industry ready. You can learn the industry design skills from your own premises. Before all the industries are back to normal production and look forward for recruitment of skilled engineers for production ramp up, it’s high time for every fresh mechanical engineers to learn industry design skills from machine tool experts and be ready to be appreciated and hired. The course is structured from Design fundamentals to final machine tool design. A real-time project will be carried out from concept to final design. Design Concept, 3D Part Modeling, Assembly Modules, CAD Tool, and Manufacturing Drawings Accuracy, De
August, 2020

Online Training on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing in Design through Manufacturing

18 to 19 August, 2020,
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) system eliminates ambiguities in engineering drawings and brings out the designer's intent very clearly. It ensures seamless communication between design, engineering, manufacturing and quality teams across the entire organization enabling them to work in a concurrent engineering environment. Application of GD&T system helps to reduce the manufacturing and inspection costs drastically.Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a 2 day online training programme on "Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) in Design through Manufacturing"
August, 2020

Online Training on Towards Zero Defects in Welding Applications

20 to 21 August, 2020,
Welding is an essential manufacturing technology with its 360 deg and 3-dimesional applicability. This technology is needed in manufacturing a small automotive part to Satellites & Rockets going into space, as well for Submarines going deep underwater into the sea and practically in ever perceivable equipment for all industrial sectors. The applications of welding and its criticality varies from a primitive welding of a corroded automobile silencer to a highly advanced component such as a Refinery Cracker or of a Nuclear Plant part. Irrespective of the criticality of the welding, the aspect of quality issues is a common aspect – mainly that of inconsistency - arising while manufacturing.
August, 2020

Online Training on Powder Coating Technology - Process, Applications, Defects Analysis and Prevention

25 to 26 August, 2020,
In today’s manufacturing scenario, where shortage of raw material, power & increasing pressure to reduce costs are the order of the day, ‘Powder coating application’ is possibly the most troubled issue. Lack of knowledge in powder coating technology leads to high rework and rejection rates. The future of Indian Industry (The post COVID-19 Opportunities), the demand for INDIAN products is expected to grow exponentially and to grab this global opportunity, educating and upgrading the existing workforce is going to be the need of an Hour. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on Powder Coating Technology - Process, Applications, Defects Analysis and Prevention.
August, 2020

Online Training on Selection of Cutting Tools for CNC Machining Centre Applications (Milling and Hole Making Operations)

27 to 28 August, 2020,
Milling and hole making operations are an integral part of all metal cutting operations. While using a precision machine tool such as a CNC Machining centre for complex milling and hole making operations, selection of the right cutting tools for the operations is equally critical to produce a quality machined part. Selection of the right cutting tools can result in optimization of cycle time, reduce risks of errors in machining, manage tool costs better and result in production of a high quality part. Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organising an online training on Selection of Cutting Tools for CNC Machining Centre Applications (Milling and Hole Making Operations).
August, 2020

Online Training on QUICK CHANGEOVER Management through SMED Principles

29 August, 2020,
Setup time reduction or Quick Change over by SMED technique is a very important and useful tool to Improve Productivity, Reduce Lead time, Serve multiple customers’ requirements by producing in smaller batches and delivering On-time. SMED is a pre-requisite to achieve ‘Just-in-time’ production and delivery.Reducing setup time reduces overall plant WIP significantly, reduces quality defects, eliminates overproduction based on market forecast, eliminates bottlenecks and increases plant capacity, improves higher fixed cost absorption by better asset utilization, reduces variable cost per unit and overall manufacturing cost per unit. SMED is a very simple tool with little or no cost and ea

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