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Online Training on Towards Zero Defects in Welding Applications

Date : 20 to 21 August, 2020

Time : 1400 Hrs to 1700 Hrs


Welding is an essential manufacturing technology with its 360 deg and 3-dimesional applicability. This technology is needed in manufacturing a small automotive part to Satellites & Rockets going into space, as well for Submarines going deep underwater into the sea and practically in ever perceivable equipment for all industrial sectors. The applications of welding and its criticality varies from a primitive welding of a corroded automobile silencer to a highly advanced component such as a Refinery Cracker or of a Nuclear Plant part. Irrespective of the criticality of the welding, the aspect of quality issues is a common aspect – mainly that of inconsistency - arising while manufacturing.

Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organising an online training on "Towards Zero Defects in Welding Applications".

Focus Areas

  • Understanding Welding as a process, the common part of all welding processes
  • Process Control – What, How, and Why.
  • Two groups of welding processes based on bonding  - Fusion and Solid Phase
  • Common parameters often neglected or often taken for granted
  • Issues with the conventional Arc Welding Processes
  • Issues with the non-conventional, non-arc ‘modern’ processes
  • To orient the thought process of practicing and responsible shop floor Welding personnel
  • To analyse welding as a process critically
  • To find a long lasting solution to welding quality using a vast data bank from various sources

Key Take Aways

  • Be able to look for the variables, not visible till now and not comprehensible, and on how to control these variables
  • Be able to make a clear distinction, between the variables which we set on the machine and on the actual welding parameter
  • Understand Codes and Standards, that a welding engineer needs to work with
  • Understand the intent behind the Code specification

Participation Fee

Rs. 3500/-

IMTMA Members/ Micro Companies/ Individuals/ Educational Institutions / Students/ IMTMA Non Members/ Others

+18% GST


This programme will be conducted by Mr. Vijay Agwan.

Mr. Vijay Agwan is an industry expert with over 45 years of experience in the field of welding activities related to research, development, equipment manufacturing. Quality Control , Contract Manufacturing and Training. He holds a Master degree in Production Science & Technology degree from IIT-Kharagpur & an IWE (ISO:14731) Diploma. He is a qualified Welding Professional and a free-lance consultant for in-house group companies and several other industries for training and problem solving. He has also given his services as a Regional Director (West) to Indian Institute of Welding-ANB for promoting the Welding Education among users, and ISO Certification of Individuals and Industries.

For More Details Contact

Abhijeet Agawane

Programme Coordinator

Mobile :   9730575154
Email :

Nishant Singh

Mobile :   9823174010
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REGISTRATION : Prior registration with an online advance payment is must. Number of participants is limited and will be accepted on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis. A Certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

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