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Selection of Cutting Tools for CNC Machining Centre Applications (Milling and Hole Making Operations)

Date : 15 to 16 April, 2021

Time : 1400 Hrs to 1700 Hrs


Milling and hole making operations are an integral part of all metal cutting operations. While using a precision machine tool such as a CNC Machining centre for complex milling and hole making operations, selection of the right cutting tools for the operations is equally critical to produce a quality machined part. Selection of the right cutting tools can result in optimization of cycle time, reduce risks of errors in machining, manage tool costs better and result in production of a high quality part.

Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organising an online training on Selection of Cutting Tools for CNC Machining Centre Applications (Milling and Hole Making Operations).

Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Chip Formation and Importance of Tool Geometries
  • Cutting Tool Material and its selection criteria.
  • Different types of cutters and their Features, Cutter selection criteria, inserts nomenclature
  • General Milling operations & Strategies
  • Selection and application of Milling Cutters, End mills, Solid carbide mills
  • Why & how drilling operations is most challenging
  • Using Drill nomenclature and type of solid carbide drills
  • Drill holding and coolant considerations

Key Take Aways

  • At the end of the program, the participant shall be able to:
  • Analyze types of milling operations that are required to machine a given part
  • Choose the order in which milling & drilling operations are to be planned
  • Analyze the geometry of the identified machining features to decide which tools and tool holders are suitable to machine the geometry
  • Select a tool material based on the part material
  • Compare the types of cutting tools to use for milling and drilling

Fee Per Participant (Per Login)

Rs. 4500/-
+18% GST

IMTMA Members/ Micro Companies/ Individuals/ Educational Institutions / Students/ IMTMA Non Members/ Others

USD 135/-

Overseas Participants


This programme will be conducted by Mr. Pradeep Kumar.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar is a Mechanical engineer, started his career with NTTF where he was training students in Die and Mould making. He was with Kennametal cutting tool manufacturing industry more than 32 years, having experience in the area of sales and marketing of Metal Cutting, Metal forming and Mining tools. During the last 10 years, he was head of knowledge centre in Kennametal and trained more than 20,000 executives in the field of metal cutting tools and its applications.

For More Details Contact

Santosh Singh

Programme Coordinator

Mobile :   9021442692
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Nishant Singh

Mobile :   9823174010
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REGISTRATION : Prior registration with an online advance payment is must. Number of participants is limited and will be accepted on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis. A Certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

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