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Metallurgy for Non Metallurgists - Ferrous Materials

Date : 17 to 18 June, 2021

Time : 1340 Hrs to 1700 Hrs


Metallurgy is a branch of material science that focus on the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements and its alloys. Knowledge of metallurgy is very important for any design and production engineers. Design of any part generally based on Strength, which comes from alloy composition and metallurgical structure. It is not just enough if design engineer select right alloy but also have to specify metallurgical requirements to achieve required properties. Production engineers have to understand the metallurgical requirements and develop process to achieve that. Hence awareness of metallurgy play an important role in today’s engineering world.
Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a 3 Hrs online programme on “Metallurgy for non-metallurgist-Ferrous Materials”. This course provides important metallurgical knowledge to those who are not metallurgists. You will learn how metals can be made stronger, more corrosion resistant, formable etc. This course will help to choose right metals, alloys and processing solutions best suited for your production goals.

Focus Areas

  • Introduction to engineering metals and alloys
  • Roles of various alloying elements
  • Introduction to metal atomic structures and its importance
  • Classifications of metals and alloys and its phase diagram
  • Ferrous metallurgy; 1. Steel 2. Cast Iron
  • Heat treatment of ferrous and nonferrous alloys

Key Take Aways

  • Understand basics of metallurgy
  • Understand metals and alloy classifications
  • Understand all ferrous group of alloys and its metallurgy
  • Understand metallurgical changes during heat treatment

Fee Per Participant (Per Login)

Rs. 4500/-
+18% GST

IMTMA Members/ Micro Companies/ Individuals/ Educational Institutions / Students/ IMTMA Non Members/ Others

USD 135/-

Overseas Participants

Group Concession : 20% for 3 to 5 and 30% for 6 and more delegates being nominated from the same company


This Program will be conducted by Mr.Ganapathi K N and other Industry experts
Ganapathi K N, is the Director Training of IMTMA Technology Centre having 16 years of industrial and 14 years of academic experience. He is a post graduate in metal casting science and engineering from UVCE Bengaluru. Prior to working at IMTMA, he has worked at various capacity in both Ferrous and nonferrous foundries. He has also imparted specialized training on Metallurgy, Heat treatment and other manufacturing processes domain to more than 500 engineers across manufacturing companies in India. He has also taught above topics to post graduate engineering students. At IMTMA, his role is to develop and introduce new programs for enhancing competitiveness of industry

For More Details Contact

Vinaykumar S

Programme Coordinator

Mobile :   8147559749
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Ramesh P

Mobile :   9845277682
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REGISTRATION : Prior registration with an online advance payment is must. Number of participants is limited and will be accepted on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis. A Certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

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