IMTMA Training Centre

Assembly, Welding & Inspection Fixtures - Design and Manufacturing

Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Process Engineering for a BIW assembly
  • Basic Design Process of the Assembly, Welding and Inspection Fixtures
  • Solutions to common challenges faced in designing the fixtures
  • Solutions to common challenges faced in manufacturing the fixtures
  • Solutions to common challenges faced in using the fixtures
  • Modular concepts to minimise costs
  • Use of standard elements
  • Inspection of the fixtures
  • Exercise in designing a welding fixture for a simple assembly
  • Proving & maintenance of the fixtures
  • Case study of a welding fixture for a component of medium complexity: Design - Manufacture -  Production
  • Plant visit to a modern Fixture Manufacturing Toolroom and Welding Shop *

*Note: Factory visit of participants will be subject to the approval of the hosting industry


Fixtures are used in almost all the segments of the engineering industry and are considered to be critical for achieving optimum quality and productivity of various products. Any shortcomings in the design and manufacture of these fixtures have a direct negative impact on the assemblies manufactured.

A well designed and manufactured fixture is the result of a systematic approach which takes into consideration the respective processes and the various design and manufacturing challenges.

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