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IDR approach - Trouble Shooting Component Defects in a Press Shop

Focus Areas

  • Care to be taken by Press shops while accepting Dies for production
  • Understanding common defects in components
  • Best Practices to overcome these defects
  • Do’s and Don’ts during Die setup change
  • Understanding various press parameter settings
  • Role of sheet materials in causing inconsistent part quality
  • Preventive maintenance of Dies
  • Optimizing Die life
  • Display of sample parts in order to identify the defects


In a Press Shop, production runs are carried out for stamping a number of sheet metal components. Each component requires a number of Dies running on multiple presses. For each run, Die setups are changed and various parameters are set. Although the Dies are proven and productionised, there are some variables which differ from batch to batch, which results in the first few components not reaching the required quality requirements. Press Shop Personnel have to fine tune some settings to get the desired results. This is sometimes tricky and valuable time and material gets wasted. In some cases, Dies suffer damage due to manual errors and repairs have to be carried out on a war footing. This calls for specialized skills which are not always available readily at hand.

What is IDR approach? 
IDR - it’s a three leap scientific approach to trouble shooting of component defects in press shop.


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