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How to reduce Cost of Quality (COQ) and COPQ

Focus Areas

  • Concept of Cost of Quality & Cost of Poor Quality( COPQ)
  • Cost of Conformance (Preventive & Appraisal cost
  • Cost of Non conformance( Internal & External Failure)
  • Identification & capturing of various cost elements by deep drive
  • Action planning to focus on COPQ
  • Benefits & Best Practices
  • Basics of Six Sigma Methodology
  • Five Phases of DMAIC
  • Phase wise actions  & use of statistical tools
  • Benefits with Case study
  • Mumbai Dabbewala Example
  • Sharing of Participants experience


In the present competitive scenario, Cost & Quality goes hand in hand for sustainable profitable growth in the business. Understanding the concept of Cost of Quality is important at all levels & functions to focus on  non value added activities/elements  which directly impacts the profitability to the organization. Increased customer satisfaction, productivity, market share & high employee morale are added benefits. The cost of poor quality (COPQ) can be well addressed through a very  popular tool like Six Sigma. The DMAIC methodology used worldwide helps in addressing such issues. Hence basics of Cost of Quality & Six Sigma which  are complementary to each other needs to be understood at operating/functional level.

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