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Forging Technology-Processes, DFM, Quality and Cost Considerations

Focus Areas

  • Application of forging
  • Metallurgy of forging
  • Different processes and equipment – warm, hot and cold forging
  • Design considerations
  • Quality considerations
  • Cost considerations
  • Modern configurations and technologies
  • Use of CAE and Digitisation (IOT) tools to reduce waste of all kind
  • Automation and robotics
  • Light weighting concepts


Forging is in a transition from black smithy to modern technology led manufacturing. Forging finds its use in various industries and has several applications using different metals and alloys. Forging cannot be substituted due to its strength properties. Since Forging is energy and cost intensive process it is important to understand the basics and modern methods to make forging a very competitive technology.

This program covers the basics of forging technology to modern manufacturing , engineering and quality aspects and modern concepts of CAE and IOT also will be dealt with as the new generation forging is about complex shapes , complex practices which eventually make forging competitive.

Indian forging Industry is fragmented into the top 5 companies which are technology led and the rest which are not at par with world class practices. This program shall be an eve opener for many agencies and associates of forging products and technology.

Keeping this in view IMTMA is organising a two day exhaustive program on “Forging Technology-Processes, DFM, and Quality and Cost considerations".

Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding the basics of forging technology
  2. Understanding various manufacturing methods and classification and their practical applications
  3. Understanding the challenges of industry in the emerging disruptive environment
  4. Understanding the selection of right equipment, processes and practices to be globally competitive.

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