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Advanced Heat Treatment Process in Metal Working

Focus Areas

1. Iron Carbon diagram, TTT diagrams
2. Hardenability –Concepts, Hardenability calculation, effect of alloying elements of on hardenability.
3. Various heat treatment processes- Annealing, normalizing, Spheroidization annealing, Iso thermal annealing,
Hardening, marquenching and tempering.
4. Case carburizing- different methods- process wise and equipment wise- pit furnaces, sealed quench, continuous
Carburizing furnaces.
5. Carburizing atmospheres-Generation different methods –advantages and disadvantages
6. Quenching- Different methods, selection of quenching medium, Why oil quenching? Method of checking oil properties
and their effect on the part quality.
7. Carbon potential measurement and control- Oxygen probe and dew point.
8. Vacuum heat treating, principles , equipment and practice
9. Nitriding , carbonitriding and ferritic nitrocarbursizing
10. Induction heating principles, advantages, Coil design and fabrication, coil failures, Magnetic flux control ,different
equipments and case studies
11. Defects in heat treatment causes and remedies.
12. Distortion in heat treatment and control.
13. Shot peening principles, benefits, different equipment, common mistakes in Shot peening and remedial measures.
14. Safety in heat treatment


Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to learn about-
1. Heat Treatment principles and practices.
2. Different heat treatment processes their applications
3. Vacuum heat treating principles and practice
4. Defects in heat treating.
5. Distortion and cracking control.
6. Induction hardening process, equipment, coils
7. Shot peening process and its benefits and application

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