IMTMA Training Centre

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Manufacturing Industry

Focus Areas

• Introduction, definitions, attributes of Intelligence & Learning
• Evolution of Artificial Intelligence for emulating human learning mechanism at machines
• Knowledge Based Engineering … application of “Expert Systems”
• Exceeding the “natural” capabilities by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality based Technologies
• Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are poised to be the sweeping disruptive innovation in Industry in near
• Case studies for application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Manufacturing Industry
• Industry 4.0 and its dependence on Artificial Intelligence based Machine & Organizational Learning


Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will have -
• Awareness of terminology related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• How to accelerate learning?
• How to condense and reorganize Data / Information for effectiveness?
• Identification of “Motivation” for Learning and applying Artificial Intelligence
• Possibilities of increasingly accurate Prediction through Simulations
• Understanding the “Adaptive Control” for Machines, Automation, Processes, Logistics, Organization and Business
• Customization and Tailoring of Industry 4.0

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