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Design of Gear Box - Industrial Machinery

Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Gear box and their advantages and disadvantages over other drives.
  • Types of Gear boxes and Applications.
  • Types of Gears and general features.
  • Nomenclature of Spur and helical gears.
  • Gear design and strength calculations.
  • Gear Correction factor, Gear Tooth Action
  • Worm Gears and their terminology
  • Bevel gears and their terminology.
  • General design concepts for shaft, Keys and circlips.
  • Design of Gear Box- Project.
  • Selection of type of gear box.
  • Type of gears and stages of reduction.
  • Motor selection.
  • Gear sizing and strength calculations.
  • Estimation of Gear forces.
  • Shaft and shaft strength calculation/sizing.


Key Takeaways

  • Complete knowledge on gearbox design
  • Selection of motor for gear box.
  • Gears and gear design.
  • Shaft design and sizing.
  • Gear box design and sizing.
  • Manufacturing drawings of gears & shafts.
  • Systematic design approach.

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