IMTMA Training Centre

Design and Processing of plastic parts

Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Plastic Materials, Properties and Applications
  • Injection Moulding Process, Machine and Mould Construction
  • Plastics - Manufacturing Processes 
  • Design of part features such as wall thickness, radii, ribs, boss, snaps, threads, draft, parting line, holes and undercuts.
  • Design with respect to manufacturing such as part integration, gate location, shrinkage, mismatch, ease of manufacturing, stiffness and tolerance
  • Counter Measures w.r.t Moldflow Observation
  • Finishing of Plastic Parts
  • Assembly Techniques of Plastic Parts
  • Defects and Remedies


We are said to be living in an era of Plastics since 1974, as the world consumption of plastics from that year onward exceeded that of steel by volume! From household appliances to airplanes, from tooth brushes to telephones, from Computers to cars, everything seems to be made out of plastics these days. The reasons are not far to seek. Injection molded plastic parts offer unbeatable combination of Light Weight Construction, Flexibility, Toughness, Chemical Resistance, Long-term Performance and Cost Effectiveness. World Class Injection Moldings are a result of Knowledge of Plastics, Excellent Part Design, Robust Mold Design, Methodical Mold Manufacture, Optimum Process Parameters and Reliable Molding Machine.

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