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Online Training on Overview of Surface Heat Treatment Processes

Focus Areas

  • Understanding of Basic metallurgy of Iron , Crystal structure, phase transformation, Iron carbon diagram, TTT diagram
  • Classification of surface heat treatment processes
  • Induction hardening process
  • Case carburising and hardening process
  • Nitriding process
  • Concept of Hardenability and factors affecting it. Role of alloying elements


Most engineering and automotive parts be it drive line or engine or structural members need to have adequate strength and durability to perform their respective functions. At the same time these parts need to be cost effective. To achieve these twin objective the components are subjected to surface strengthening treatments. Most commonly used surface strengthening treatments are case carburising &hardening and Induction hardening. For engineers the proper knowledge of these processes is essential so that they carry out their jobs effectively.
Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising one day Online programme on “Overview of Surface Heat treatment Processes”

Key Takeaways

  1. Basics metallurgy of heat treatment
  2. Hardenability and factor effecting hardenability
  3. Case carburising, Induction hardening and Nitriding
  4. Concept of Hardenability and factors affecting it, Role of alloying elements

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