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Online Training on Interviewing Skills - Key to build Brand and Attract Talent

Focus Areas

  • Structure of Talent Acquisition Function & related documents
  • Interview Assessment Focus Areas
  • Skills for effective interviewing
  • Listening skills & understanding body language
  • Interview Etiquettes & Flow
  • Effective interview preparedness


India still remains as one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has to prepare itself to leverage the positive image as a reliable sustainable investment location for the businesses across the world. Every enterprise’s objective is profit and the primary tool for profit manufacturing are the 5 Ms viz., men, machine, materials, methods and money.
The secret of successful companies is their ability to SCALE UP.  To SCALE UP is to have an army of competent and inspirational leaders. The first step in the journey towards an highly successful company is to identify, acquire and nurture talent. Hence Talent Acquisition and Talent Management becomes the key differentiator for highly successful companies.

Keeping the differentiating factor of highly successful companies in mind and to facilitate improved Talent Acquisition, IMTMA is organising an online training on Online Training on Interviewing Skills - Key to build Brand and Attract Talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Promote the Brand Image of the Company
  • Structure & conduct interviews effectively
  • Understand the importance of Questioning Skills
  • Effectively finalise the right candidate

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