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Online Training on Servo Technology for Industrial Motion Control

Servo Technology has been conventionally a Part of CNC Machines. But with development of General Purpose Servos, now this technology is spreading very rapidly and widely in various applications of Motion Control in many kinds of Industrial Machinery. Servo is fast replacing conventional motion systems like Oil Hydraulic / VFD controlled Motors / Pneumatic etc. due to its highly intelligent features and total programmability. This Program is for giving overview of Servo Motors technology, in usage of Motion Control in Industrial Machines and Applications. This program will cover major aspects of Servo Technology and general purpose Servos.

Focus Areas

  • Types of Motions - Position Mode / Speed Mode / Torque Mode
  • Servo System Parts
  • Specifications of Servo
  • Macro Level understanding of Servo Sizing , including “Load” for different applications
  • Some Intelligent Applications


Key Takeaways

  • Macro Level Understanding of Servo Technology
  • Role of Servo Technology in Today’s intelligent and High Speed Motion Controls in Machines
  • Know about usage of servo for motion control in Industrial machines
  • Know about various application of Servo

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