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Online Training on Essentials of Process Planning for Machined Parts

Focus Areas

  • Understanding & implications of  Quality parameters in Engineering Drawing
    • GD&T
  • Adapting & optimising based on  the machine to be used:
    • Construction and Features of the machines.
    • Power and Torque characteristics of the Spindle Motor
    • Types of Tool and Spindle Interface
  • Fundamentals of Fixturing – Chucks and Fixtures
    • Location, Resting and Clamping principles
    • Effect of these on Geometrical Quality parameters
  • Cutting Parameters
    • Factors influencing selection of cutting parameters
  • Actual Hands on practice of a process plan for:
    • Finish Precision Bores ( Coaxial, Parallel, Perpendicular Bores)
    • Grooving ( Precision, Deep or Face Grooves)
    • Finish Surface Milling ( Flatness, Surface Finish)
    • Finish Turning


Process planning has high impact on Production Cost and Quality of a component.A Process Plan is a sequence of operations to produce a component as per dimensional and quality parameters specified in a drawing. An effective process plan shall often foresee and mitigate challenges in manufacturing of a component – in the planning stage itself. It minimises delays in New Component Development.

Process Planning is a complex process influenced by raw material input condition, type of machines, quality parameters, production volume, competence of operators and many more. Similarly, a process planner should have adequate knowledge about Materials, Machines, Work holding, Cutting Tools, Process capabilities, SQC etc.

Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing an online training on Essentials of Process Planning for Machined Parts. This programme will help in achieving customer satisfaction through "First Time Right" development of parts with consistent Quality, and saving in time and cost.

Key Takeaways

  • A 360 deg view of all the aspects of Process Planning
  • Improved knowledge of features of the Machine and their impact on Process Plan
  • Understanding of selection of Cutting Parameters
  • Good knowledge of workholding and fixturing
  • Hands on practice of creating a process plan for critical component features like precision Boring, finish Milling etc

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