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Online Training on Problem Solving Tools for Securing our Present and Future

Focus Areas

  • Understanding Definition of Problem and state of Solving
  • How to write an effective Problem statement
  • 7 QC Tools
  • New Management Tools
  • P – M ( Phenomena – Mechanism ) Analysis
  • 4M Analysis
  • 5W 1 H, Tree Diagram
  • Cause and Effect Matrix
  • SCAMPER with few global examples
  • Problem solving Project management steps – 8D, Toyota A3, QC Story
  • Problem solving project charter
  • State of Self Control
  • Deployment steps and journey forward


A problem is any performance other than desired performance at any given time. Solving is to identify and achieve a “state” where the above symptoms do not occur.
Problem is the phenomena which is the hurdle between achievement and under-achievement, success and failure, Conforming and Non-conforming product and service, Meeting and not meeting Customer expectations, Making and not making profits. Unless we solve problems and overcome the hurdles, we will not reach our goals and our present and future will not be secure. That is why knowledge and application of effective ‘Problem solving tools’ & developing ‘Problem solving culture’ with high degree of ‘employee engagement’ are so critical.
The quantum of any problem should be expressed in one or more of the following ways – 1) How high – high cost, 2) How variable – delivery, 3) How many errors – defects, rework. Based on these information, you prioritize solving a problem.
We are living in a global economy, in a buyer’s world, where every product is being produced and served by multiple suppliers and that is increasing continuously. Buyer decides the supplier, as he / she has many options. He / she doesn’t like to experience any problem in Quality, Delivery, Service, Cost, Responsiveness. In short, any problem that affects ease of doing business.
Market size is not increasing, rather there is a huge demand fall in current situation. Every one is trying to grab a pie from the same size, and the pie is diminishing due to more and more competition, uncertain demand in the near future. This puts huge pressure on everyone to survive and grow. How effectively and how fast we prevent problems and solve problems when encountered and thereby enhance customer experience, will decide our today and tomorrow.
Hence, it is the responsibility for all professionals in every organization to identify, measure, analyse, reduce and prevent Problems on priority,that affect Customer satisfaction and Business performance. It is all the more imperative today when many organizations are struggling for profitability and Government of India is prioritizing ‘Make in India’ for both local consumptions and global supplies.
Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a 3 Hrs online programme on Problem Solving Tools for Securing our Present and Future.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify, define and prioritize problems
  • Write SMART goals, develop Charter
  • Learn various Tools and Techniques for Problem Solving
  • Follow structured steps for Problem solving
  • Use the training materials and various examples as reference and implement the tools

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