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Online Training on Care for Machine Tool Spindles - Systematic Approach for Spindle Maintenance

Focus Areas

  • Bearing types & their application in metal working and industrial machinery
  • Bearing lubrication systems
  • Spindle failure & reconditioning
  • Tools, tackles & assembly techniques
  • Testing of assembled spindle units
  • Bearing failure
  • Bearing nomenclature & equivalent selection
  • Spindle bearing preloading
  • Preventive maintenance of spindles
  • Why do spindles fail? - Case studies and examples


Maintenance of spindles in metal cutting or industrial machinery is a critical function of a maintenance engineer. Technicians maintaining them typically require special diagnostic tools and intense technical training. Often component deviations can be traced to faulty spindles. Spindle maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of bearing application, lubrication, assembly tools and techniques.

Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on "Care for machine tool spindles-Systematic approach for spindle maintenance".

Key Takeaways

After attending this programme, the participants will be able to

  • Identify and correct spindle problems before any catastrophic failure
  • Plan periodic predictive maintenance and inspection
  • Decrease downtime and save money on spindle repairs

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