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Online Training on Gear Design - Spur and Helical Gears

Focus Areas

  • Classification of Gears and general features of each type of gear
  • Gear tooth profiles
  • Spur gears and helical gears
  • Gear Terminology/ Nomenclature and their detail study
  • Pitch line velocity, step up and step down drives
  • Gear Data to be indicated on the drawing sheet and explanation
  • Design/Calculation of basic gear parameters
  • Gear design and strength calculations through typical case studies
  • Gear Interference, undercutting
  • Gear Correction, calculation of correction and its effects
  • Contact ratio, tooth tip thickness and their calculation
  • Gear tooth thickness measurement, types and calculations
  • Gear Quality, Errors and Tolerances
  • Backlash and its calculations
  • Materials for gears


Power transmission is very important aspect in many industries. Gears drives are most important drives used in transmitting mechanical power. Gears and Gear drives are also one of the key components of all kinds of vehicles, machine tools, aircrafts, household appliances as well as a broad variety of industrial equipment.

Study of Gears, Gear terminology, correction, Quality, Strength calculations, Errors & its Measurement is a fairly complex data. Proper understanding about all these topics and selecting gears with required quality to the required application gives better productivity, long life and noise less drive for the industries.

Keeping this in view, IMTMA is organizing an online training on "Gear Design - A practical approach (Spur and Helical gears)"

Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to -

  • Able to design Spur and Helical gears for a given application and calculate their parameters
  • Estimate gear correction, contact ratio and Backlash
  • Select materials for gear to required application
  • Understand Gear quality, gear errors and method of measurement

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