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Online Training on Process and Die Design - Hot Forging Applications

Focus Areas

  • New Part Development
  • Die Design Concepts
  • Forging Process
  • Forging Equipments
  • Forging Defects
  • Forging Standards
  • Trimming Tool Design
  • Bolster and Cassette Design
  • Case Studies in Forging Industries


The Auto, Agricultural and construction industry is going for continuous change and this change is the result of customer demands as well as new environmental norms. Forgings contribute a major share in vehicles in terms of weight, strength and value. Forging industry is aligning itself with various technological solutions for the evolving demands from the automotive sector. India is a major force in Forging manufacturing and shall play a crucial part in meeting the new demands of global customers. Effective Forging die design plays an important role in improving productivity of a forging shop.

keeping this in view,IMTMA is organizing an online training on Process & Die Design - Hot Forging Applications.

Key Takeaways

  • Design Forging Dies flawlessly
  • Appropriate selection of Forging Equipment
  • Operation Sequence to produce the component
  • Achieve optimum Yield

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