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Online Industry Internship Training on METAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - CAD TO PRINT

Focus Areas

  • Process Types: Vat Polymerization, Extrusion, Powder
  • Bed Fusion, Binder Jetting as per ASTM
  • Materials: Plastics, Metals, Composites
  • Application Overview: Industrial, Art, Healthcare
  • Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) process parameters and related outcomes
  • LPBF materials, material characteristics and mechanical properties
  • AM software: design, simulation, build preparation
  • Know how on 3D printing on polymers


Additive Manufacturing (AM) and related know-how are going to play a dominant role in how we conceive, design, produce and use objects. AM is going to push the limits of material science, and allow us to explore frontiers, never before imagined.

Industry internship on Metal Additive Manufacturing is an industry-aligned program on metal additive manufacturing, aimed at the most important outcome of building the AM competencies in students with right fitment to the industry needs. Given that the technology, process, standards and manufacturing paradigms are evolving, it is imperative for reputed and responsible industries to step up and join hands with academia, to provide the required technology exposure and industry relevant application experience to faculty and students alike.

In view of the above, IMTMA and Wipro3D jointly organizing an internship programme for engineering students to upskill themselves from beginner to industry practitioner.

Key Takeaways

  • Know what can be made with 3D printing
  • Gain an understanding of variety of 3D printing processes
  • Understand on laser powder bed fusion, characteristics and manufacturing outcomes
  • Gain hands on experience of AM tools
  • Widen your career prospects
  • Stay up to date and learn quickly
  • Understand laser characteristics and manufacturing outcomes
  • Project - Part Design to 3D Print

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