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Press Tools- Basics, Types, Design Considerations, Manufacturing and Troubleshooting

Focus Areas

The program shall focus on:

  1. Types of sheet metal processes
    • Shearing type Tools
    • Forming Tools
    • Combined Operational Tools with shearing and forming
  2. Classification of press tools
    • Single-stage Tools.
    • Progressive Tools
    • Compound Tools
    • Combination tools
    • Bending and Deep Drawing Tools
    • Fine blanking Tools
  3. Various elements in a press tool
    • Punches
    • Dies
    • Die set
  4. Types of Presses and methods of selection
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
    • Pneumatic
    • Servo presses
    • Single, double, and triple action presses
  5. Calculations involved in press tools
    • Cutting clearance
    • Cutting force for blanking, Bending, and Deep drawing
  6. Materials used in Press tools
  7. Defects and remedies of pressed components
  8. Case studies on Press tool design.
  9. How to design Various Press tools
    • Selection of die set
    • Checklist preparation of Press tool design.
    • Strip layout determination
  10. Practical Tips on How to design a Press tool.
  11. View a simulation on software used for analyzing Press tools / Diefaces


A Press tool is a system used to produce sheet metal components. Press tools are used extensively in the automotive industry to make sheet metal parts that eventually get assembled into a vehicle. Besides the automotive industry, consumer goods and aerospace sectors also use press tools to produce sheet metal components for their products.

Press tools are precise systems and the effect of parameters such as geometry, material properties, type of press used & blank holding capabilities often determine the effective outcome of a press tool. Most press tools are categorized by more than 30 different types of operations like drawing, blanking, piercing, bending, forming, and many more. Press tools may vary in the type of construction which include single-stage, multi-stage, compound tools, and progressive tools.

Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing an online program on ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Press Tools-Basics, Types, Design Considerations, Manufacturing, and Troubleshooting.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the program, the participants shall be able to:

  • Learn the types of sheet metal forming techniques
  • Know different types of press tools and elements of a press tool
  • Do basic calculations for various elements of a press tool
  • Learn a selection of the right press tools for a designed sheet metal part
  • Identify defects arising on sheet metal part and ways to overcome the defects using the press tool

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