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Certified Lean Practitioner

Focus Areas

  • Overview of Lean
  • 4Ps ( Philosophy ) and 14 Principles of Lean
  • Birth of Toyota Production System and House of Lean
  • 5S – World Class Workplace Organization
  • Good Safety Management Practices with Hazard Identification and Job Safety analysis
  • Visual Management, Visual Factory.
  • Identification and reduction, elimination of various process wastes – Muda, Muri, Mura
  • Standing in a Circle, Waste walk.
  • Kaizen – introduction and institutionalization
  • Kaizen event / Workshop
  • OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • SMED – Set up time reduction
  • PQ-PR Analysis
  • Value Stream Map ( VSM )
  • 7 Lean Manufacturing guidelines
  • Difference between PUSH and PULL system
  • Various layout options – pros and cons
  • Some Motion Analysis : Man-Machine Chart, SIMO Chart, Spagetti Diagram.
  • Skill Matrix, Multi-skill
  • Standard Operations to improve FLOW – Takt Time, Time Observation sheet, Process Capacity sheet, Standard Work Combination sheet, Yamazumi Chart, Line Balancing ideas, Standard WIP, Standard work.
  • Understanding KANBAN PULL System, establish 2 Bin KANBAN system
  • Basic Problem Solving Tools
  • Quality Circle
  • Gemba huddle, Daily Work Management
  • Important KPIs to drive Lean in Operations
  • Case studies
  • Roadmap for Implementation




Lean is a systematic methodology with a focus on the Customer to separate Value-Added and Non-Value Added Activities ( Waste ), and then reduce and eliminate Waste in all processes.

For a practitioner, it is a manufacturing system that allows minimal use of resources to produce defect free products in the shortest possible time with least amount of left over. In short ‘Maximum with Minimum’.

Lean is a system that drives organization toward zero waste. It is called Lean because Lean system

  • Needs less human effort to design, make and service products.
  • Requires less investment for a given amount of production capacity.
  • Creates products with fewer delivered defects and fewer in-process turn-backs.
  • Utilizes fewer suppliers with higher skills.
  • Goes from concept-to-launch, order-to-delivery and problem-to-repair in less time with less human effort.
  • Could cost-effectively produce products in lower volume with wider variety to sustain pricing in the market while growing share.
  • Needs less inventory at every step from order to delivery and in the service system.

A Lean Manufacturing practicing organization will significantly improve its business and operational performance like Throughput, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Safety, Inventory Turns, Profitability, ROI and Cash Flow. 

It is all the more imperative today when most of the organizations are concerned about Cost, Profitability and Cash Flow.

Due to the multiple benefits and current pressing requirements, IMTMA is organizing a 20 Hrs Online Certification programme on ‘Lean Practitioner’

Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to –

  • Gain an insight into Lean Manufacturing ( Toyota Production System ) system.
  • Understand how adoption of Lean system can significantly improve Operational efficiency.
  • Prepare a roadmap to create Lean Value Stream.
  • Learn various Lean Tools and Techniques to be a basic expert.
  • Plan a journey toward JIT and Jidoka – 2 key objectives of Lean Mfg.
  • Take initiative, projects to implement various Lean tools and practices, learnt during the training.
  • Use the training materials and various examples as reference for implementation.

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