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Online Training on Essential Skills for Smart Mechanical Designers

Focus Areas

  • Manufacturing drawing standards on global perspective
  • Tolerances what why and how?
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing GD&T
  • Machine Kinematics, Bearings, belt drives, chain drive, cam mechanism, gear drives,
  • Strength of materials and Engineering mechanics - Stress, strain, tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength, torsional strength, stiffness, moment of inertia, friction, force, SI units BMD, SFD etc.
  • Engineering materials and Heat treatment
  • Antifriction bearings – Types, selection and application
  • Ball screw - Types, selection and application
  • LM Guide - Types, selection and application
  • Induction Motors - Types, selection and application
  • Servo motors - Types, selection and application
  • Welded joints and structures - Types, selection and application
  • Casting drawings, weld drawings and forge drawings
  • Electrical and Electronics for Mechanical engineers


Programme is intended to develop the design skills which plays an important role developing a first time right product. Fundamentals brings an approach for making the design most optimized and error free design of any product. The quantitative design approach helps to address the right material, geometry, kinematics for simplified design. The systematic design approach reduces the design lead time, product cost, DFMA, design for cost, design for quality and design for reliability.

In view of this, IMTMA organizing a 10 days comprehensive programme on “Essential Skills for Mechanical Design Engineers” across the product domain. The programme will be held virtually, facilitates ease of participation at lower cost.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive knowledge in Machine Design aspects
  • Knowledge on design of machine elements
  • Knowledge in systematic design approach
  • Develops full confidence for machine design task
  • Knowledge on Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Knowledge on welding and application
  • Knowledge on critical selection factors for mechanical systems
  • Knowledge on optimized manufacturing drawings for first time right product
  • Reduction and optimization of design lead time
  • How to make error-free design and drawings
  • How to make cost-effective product design

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