IMTMA Training Centre

Advanced Programming for CNC Machining Centres

Focus Areas

  • Optimization of programming for various Machining Centre operations
  • Programming using macros & variables
  • Demo in CNC VMC; usage of customized programmes and rigid tapping & thread milling applications
  • Advanced programming concepts - polar co-ordinates, Scaling, Mirror & Rotation
  • Introduction to CAM programming; applications & advantages
  • Demo of milling applications & Programming exercises in CADEM
  • Simulation using SINUTRAIN and NCGUIDE system
  • Real time machining of CAM programmes in CNC Machining Centre


CNC Machining Centres form the core of manufacturing operations right from producing auto parts to machine critical aero space components. Its effective application can ensure increased productivity, highest accuracy, rigidity and improved surface finish. A range of components can be consistently manufactured to very close tolerances, leading to improved quality; efficient production process; reduced costs and bare minimum cycle times. In modern CNC machine shops, every second counts and the CNC programme drives the machine efficiency and productivity. Many a times, the CNC programme contains lot of idle movements (air cutting) and is not optimized for minimum cycle time. Enhanced knowledge on CNC programming and its control features are now very critical to keep the cost per component to the minimum.



Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to -
1.Reduce cycle time thro optimization of Programming
2.Learn Programming using Macros and Variables
3.Understand advanced Programming concepts including
Scaling, Mirror, Polar Co-ordinates etc.
4.Go thro’ Hands-On / Demo Of advanced Programming
concepts in CNC VMC.

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