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Machining Aerospace Materials - Challenges and Solutions

Focus Areas

  • Trends & Challenges in Aerospace Materials - material properties of super alloys, composites, etc.
  • Machinability of Aerospace materials; Machining of Titanium and super alloys- Tool selection and programming strategies.
  • Typical cutting parameters for Ti & super Alloys machining; selection of parameters for the different operations – using catalogues / web based solutions
  • Typical Case Studies from aerospace industry
  • Tools and selection of parameters for machining aluminium alloys
  • New Generation cutting tools for machining Aerospace materials
  • Composites - Types & Applications with industry examples;
  • Typical case studies in using composites for aerospace structures.
  • Machining of Composites – Tool selection & programming strategies;
  • Typical cutting parameters for machining composites;
  • Do's & don'ts in composite machining
  • Real time machining – Demonstration of machining of aerospace materials machining on CNC machining centres.


Aerospace industry is growing at a rapid pace and India is emerging as a preferred hub for aerospace manufacturing. However, machining of aerospace components is quiet challenging as it involves advanced materials like high performance metal alloys & composites. The machinability of these materials, complex shape coupled with stringent quality requirement makes the machining process highly demanding. The major challenges are thermal degradation, delamination, tool wear, composite erosion by continous chips of metallic materials, built up edge, etc. Appropriate selection of tooling and optimum application of machining parameters is crucial to achieve the desired results..

Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to –

  • Understand machining strategies for machining Ti alloys and other materials
  • Select optimum cutting parameters for machining aerospace materials
  • Understand high speed machining of aluminium alloys in aerospace industry
  • Learn about latest development in machine tools for aerospace material machining
  • Learn about latest types of cutting tools for machining aerospace materials
  • Go through live machining demo on CNC machining centre

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