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Improving Process capability (Cp, Cpk)

Focus Areas

  • Understanding relevance of Process capability ,PPM 
  • Interpreting process capability results
  • Various scenarios of Cp ,Cpk, Pp, Ppk
  • Calculating process capability in short runs
  • Using Pre Control charts
  • Process capability of GD & T tolerances
  • How to use results to improve processes and capability
  • Case studies from industries Interactive discussion for Questions from Participants

The programme will be interlaced with interesting real life examples which the participants from various industries will be able to identify with.


Control Charts and SPC techniques are used by Quality / Process engineers in the Industry for many years, for process control and calculating process capability. Yet there are few myths which need to be discussed and clarified in every practicing engineer's mind. Often this topic is taught / learnt from the standpoint of a statistician or just as a metric. Engineers fail to understand the reasons and the impact of the process variation on the product in a real life scenario; Particularly because data collection & calculation of performance has been simplified and automated today like never before, many engineers have missed on development of an insight and ability to interpret the numerous data around. Software is used but the assumptions not understood. All this results in not getting any real benefits.

This programme is meant for practicing engineers who are already aware and are using control charts and calculating Cp/Cpk and who would like to derive the real benefits from these techniques.

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