IMTMA Training Centre

Gear Metrology & Measurement Methods

Focus Areas

  • Basic concepts for gear measurement
    • Definitions of terms
    • Size measurement & form measurement
    • Single and Double flank composite inspection
  • Run out characteristics
  • Gear Measuring Machines & Instruments
  • Gear Testing Machine Inspection Report and Interpreting gear graph
  • Gear quality classification – DIN, JIS, ISO and AGMA standards
  • Advancements in Gear Metrology
  • Demo of Gear Measurement in Gear testing machine *

* Note: Factory visit of participants for Demo will be subject to the approval of the hosting industry.


Gears and Gear drives are one of the key components of all kinds of vehicles, machine tools, aircrafts, household appliances as well as a broad variety of industrial equipments. Today the designers are facing challenges of demands about increasing lifetime, power transmission and noise emission, whereas the size and weight of gear drives is constantly reduced. The accuracy of gears is crucial for achieving the above functional demands.

Proper understanding of gear metrology and Measurement of gears is important for ensuing required accuracy and quality, Lower overall cost of manufacture by controlling rejects and scrap, Control machines and machining practices and Determine hear treat distortions to make necessary corrections.

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