IMTMA Training Centre

Advanced Concepts of GD&T

Focus Areas

• Definitions of Terms and Symbols, MMB,LMB,RMB,DRF, Rule#1 or
• Definitions of Terms and Symbols, MMB,LMB,RMB,DRF, Rule#1 or Taylor principle
• Definition of datums', Selection of datums based on design / manufacturing / Inspection requirements
.• Wooden/plastic prototypes: Part/assy prototypes used for effective training.
• Brief explanation five groups of tolerances and their hierarchy
• MMB,LMB, RMB and translation concepts
• Zero tolerance and application (straightness - axis, orientation and position)
• Virtual conditions, IB and OB calculations and applications
• Paper gauge concept, and Verification of positional tolerances
• Functional dimensioning and Functional gauge design
• Composite position and profile tolerances, PLTZF and FRTZF
• Floating and fixed fastener assy
• Axis controls by position, run out, concentricity and profile, case studies
• Verification of effect of datum modifiers / datum shift - using paper gauge
• Exercises throughout the work shop, over 25 nos
• Live Demo of Measuring GD&T parameters


Key Takeaways

After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to –
1. Distinguish between RFS, MMC and LMC conditions with
practical applications
2. Do position verification: By calculation, paper gauge, functional
gauge and CMM.
3. Apply new concepts, MMB,LMB,RMB and translation, and
functional gauge design
4. Understand advanced concepts viz. Zero, composite position
and profile tolerancing
5. Selection of axial controls position, run out, profile and
concentricity, case studies
6. Gain a practical insight into inspection of GD&T feature

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