IMTMA Training Centre

Industry Experienced Domain Experts

All the Training Programmes are conducted by Subject Matter Experts from Industry who have rich expertise of more than 30 years in the Manufacturing Industry in the relevant field. The sessions would be interlaced with practicals / live demonstrations/group exercises / and/or industry visits and the participants can discuss specific queries / technical challenges with the expert faculty.


IMTMA Faculty members

Mr. M. Krishnamoorthy
Senior Director
Tel : +91 80 6624 6901

Mr. Rajashekara H. V.
Tel: +91 80 6624 6808

Mr. K. N. Ganapathi
Tel: +91 80 6624 6756

Mr. Gautam P. Doshi
Tel: +91 70660 30531 / 32

Mr. Avinash Khare
Consultant & Head
IMTMA Technology Centre, Pune
Tel: +91 70660 30531 / 32


Empanelled Industry Experts
Sl. No Name  Specialization 
1 Mr. Anil Purohit Industrial Automation
2 Mr. Arun Yallatikar  Hot Forging
3 Mr. Arunakumar GEAR - Design and Development
4 Mr. Ashok Raj Plant Maintenance
5 Mr. T.R. Balashankar   Hydraulics
6 Mr. S.W. Balawat Metallurgy
7 Mr. Balkrishna H Deshpande Hydraulics and Pneumatics
8 Mr. Chandrashekhar A. Bodas Sheet metal forming
9 Mr. Das Gupta Metallurgy
10 Mr. V. Gopalakrishna Foundry
11 Mr. Gopi Electrical - SPM Design
12 Mr. S.K. Gupta   Design
13 Mr. Gururaj Spindle Maintainance 
14 Mr. Hanumanth Kulkarni Bearings
15 Mr. J.R.K. Murthy FEA
16 Mr. M.P. Kashinath CNC Machining
17 Mr. M.A. Khallq Machine Tool Design
18 Mr. Kishore Softskill
19 Mr. D.B. Kulkarni D.B. . SOM & FEA
20 Mr. Kumaraswamy Calibration of CNC machines
21 Mr. Meghan Manjrekar Painting and Coating
22 Mr. Mohit Law FEA
23 Mr. Naresh Kantoor Industrial Automation
24 Mr. R. Natarajan FEA/FEM
25 Mr. H.C. Parthasarathy Cold Forging
26 Mr. Pramod Deo Quality Assurance
27 Mr. Raghavendra Bhat Productivity
28 Prof. L. Ramanan Design and Development
29 Mr. Ramadas R Nambi CNC, Robotics and Automation
30 Mr. M.C. Ramakrishnan Quality Assurance
31 Mr. Sathiyanarayanan Injection Molding
32 Mr. M.G. Sathyendra Electrical
33 Mr. Shivakumar LM Guideways and Ball screws
34 Mr. Shivanand Electrical Switchgear & Control Panel
35 Mr. Srinivasalu Boligaria New product development, GD&T and Tolerance stack up analysis
36 Mr. P. Subramanaya Machine Kinematics
37 Mr. N. Swaminathan Industrial Automation
38 Mr. Ved Parkash Gear manufacturing and Quality Assurance
39 Mr. Vijay S. Agwan Welding
40 Mrs. H.N. Uma Electrical & Electronics 


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